UPDATE #2: Nonesuch Garden x Circus Posterus Skelve

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It’s incredible what can transpire in the course of a few days with the entrepreneurial plush master Megan Baehr (of Nonesuch Garden)! We have been giving you progress updates on the Nonesuch Garden x Circus Posterus Skelve collaboration for a few weeks, and now we are in the home stretch!

Megan just sent over some images of the almost complete plush Skelves she’s been working on, and if my arithmetic is correct, we may only have a very small decuple edition on our hands. Painstakingly hand sewn with tiny little blanket stitches, the Nonesuch Skelve blends the Megan’s plush wizardry with Kathie and Brandt’s classic design, and will be a perfect heirloom piece. The only thing missing on these dapper apparitions is a proper fitted hat, …so, the next update will quite certainly be release information!

No need to practice your F5 stretches yet, we will have the info soon.


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