Them Dollz goes BEEP and BOP

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beepDon’t let their disgruntled demeanor and stitches fool you, Beep and Bop are just wishing they were at the circus. They don’t have to wait too long, because Jen Musatto aka Them Dollz has them en route to the circus we know as Stranger Factory.

Beep and Bop are two monster boys that live for the circus. Everything about the circus excites them from the rides, to animals, the clowns, and especially the extra sugary cotton candy and delicious salted peanuts. If they had their way, they would be the leading stars under the big top. Their matching attire of stripes and hats is all part of their act, but the thing is they don’t just have one-act, they have every act. Being such avid¬†connoisseurs of the gilly, they believe that have mastered every performance from juggling to high wire (even if they have yet to practice). They know what they love, and nothing is going to stop them.

Bopbeep2You can see Beep and Bop at Stranger Factory when Jen Musatto’s exhibit opens in the project room December 6 at 6pm. Jen will be attending to talk about her creations and meet with all in attendance.

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