The Critter Carousing Continues!

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Whoa, Chris Ryniak is on a tear right now. Surely the ping pong table is getting crowded and here’s hoping it doesn’t collapse from all that critter chub!

These are all works in progress for Monsters & Misfits II … above we have an update on the Dainty Nibbler-inspired sculpt, with a full reveals in the background of the Cantler Eater, a custom Lizzie and Bubblegut: the former looking like she’s melting while B’gut is looking to be of a soft-serve variety (I dunno, I’m having ice cream fever over here). Curious what becomes of that Boo Skelve

Next is a horde of custom Bubbleguts lounging around below. CMR performed an engineering miracle and discovered how to make one stand on two legs. And on this day, Bubblegut’s bubblegut was fully realized by everyone in the land. Holy moly, phear the massness!

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