Beware, Pasadena! The Zombambies are Coming!!

Not sure about you, but that’s a trio of zombie deer carved out of peach Jolly Ranchers if I ever saws ’em!

New from Circus Posterus is the Sour Peach Zombambie, the first production run of the sculpt since its debut as small-run handpaints at Monsters & Misfits II and Le Carnaval des Spectres earlier this year.

The undead crystalline deer is an edition of 66 and will retail for $100 per carcass. Want one? The herd looks to be headed straight for Pasadena … DesignerCon, I bet. Catch one at the CP booth (#500); there’s only a handful so be quick to shoot. But don’t fret if you miss: Dr. Peters will be reanimating plenty more in his lab soon after so stay tuned …

DesignerCon kicks off Nov. 3 for one day only at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. It’s time to party, toy town!

Countdown to the Carnival: Brandt’s Fantôme Zombambies

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Step right up! Step right up, now! With the opening of Le Carnaval des Spectres mere days away, we’re offering folks a sneak peek at the fresh-from-the-grave, newly-reanimated and flat-out spooky editions that will emerge from the Circus caravan next week at Artoyz Paris.

First out of the gate is guts and gore galore from Brandt Peters, as he debuts his highly-anticipated Fantôme Zombambies. Initially released as a handful of candy-themed customs for Monsters & Misfits II, the herd returns as a slightly stinkier, unappetizing, but equally badass spectre edition. Entirely handpainted by Brandt with acrylics, these resin beasties have GID eyes that bring chills when beneath a blacklight. The Zombambies are super limited edition of 20, with five heading to Paris and the rest will be divvied up between CP forum members and a lottery (if applicable). They retail for $300 a head (intestine, spinal column, etc…).

Tomorrow the ghastliness continues with the long-awaited return of a fan favorite. So stick around — we’re just warming up!

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens Sept. 13th through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France. The exhibition includes new works from Kathie OlivasBrandt Peters, Travis LouieChris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd, and Teodoru Badiu.