Keshi Monster Skelve exclusive for Conjuring Mischief

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10325672_754529501244208_5466461219431646696_nA Conjuring Mischief exclusive figure at Stranger Factory this Friday with a limited amount for the Skelve group exhibition opening (they will also be part of the online exhibition sale Monday May 5th!!!).  Behold the “Keshi Monster Skelve” Standing at 3.5″ tall… this horrific take on Circus Posterus’ classic mascot was designed and sculpted by the almighty Zectron with production by Trutek— more info coming soon!!! Contact the gallery for more details!

Monster Skelve

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10246382_752162394814252_445213902012192362_nBrandt posted this amazing sketch last night as part of his “Creatures of the Night” series, but it got even more interesting with what he wrote after.
Guess what? Mini Keshi “Monster Skelve” toy exclusive will drop @strangerfactory May 2nd for the CONJURING MISCHIEF group Skelve exhibition.This design based after the extremely talented designer/sculptor @thelastzectron ‘s concept for the event. Along with the quite outstanding keshi toy producing studio @trutek (Disarticulators). So excited for this drop!!! #skelve #disarticulators #zectron

So it looks like Zectron and Trutek will have an edition “Monster Skelve” at Conjuring Mischief, and we know it will make almost the entire Skelve loving population go “squeeee” because it is very bat-like!

Since it is Friday, and we want everyone to have a good weekend, here is a little teaser.
abatt2-2Only one week to go until Conjuring Mischief!