A Critter Invasion in the Monster Dungeon!

Production in Chris Ryniak’s studio is in full swing once again, filling up with piles of bulb-eyed pals for us all to squeal over. Watercolour monsters, gouache critters on cardboard, along with a small congregation of little resin critters are all in the works, and the latter has me particularly curious, indeed. Just look at those little bums!

Question is, what ever is all this for? Well, there are a couple notable events CMR is involved in, namely Circus Annual in December and Migration with Amanda Louise Spayd in March (*wink*), but only time will tell when these guys come out to play. So stick around, for plenty more is sure to emerge from the Monster Dungeon!

Destination Designer Con: Chris Ryniak part I

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Chris Ryniak has been showing us some watercolors for over a month now, and we finally know what he has intended for them, Designer Con! These watercolors are full of color, will be crazy affordable for an original, they are plentiful, and they are the Ryniak Monsters we all know and love. Basically, it is a win win all around.

I will stop with the words and show you plenty images now (click more to see several others, but there will be even more at the con not pictured here)
Designer Con
November 3
Pasadena Convention Center
300 East Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91101

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