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Toy Break 265: Tomenosuke x Circus Posterus Sofubi!

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Our buddies George and Ayleen(from Toy Break and October Toys), with special guest J*RYU, reviewed our Stingy Jack, Calliope Jackalope and Stinky Ginger sofubi today, and we’re grateful and excited to hear them talk about our little vinyl babies. It’s always great to hear them chat about toys, but our review begins at 52:00.

“I think the character is adorable…I love pumpkin headed toys.” Ayleen says about Stingy Jack.

“Kathie’s toys have been getting progressively closer to her work…she’s an oil painter, and there’s a really textural element…subtle spray, multiple paint applications.” J*RYU says about Calliope Jackalope.

“I can’t wait to punch Chris Ryniak in the face.” J*RYU says, but seriously, Stinky Ginger was well reviewed too.

We’ve sold out of the charming little Calliope Jackalopes, but Stinky Ginger and two Stingy Jack variants are still available in our store!

And, visit October Toys, Toy Break, and J*RYU, because they are all rad folks.

Coming to the CP Store this Wednesday Brandt Peters’ “Old Timey” Stingy Jack, Colorway #3

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Strike up the band, because this Wednesday, February 13th, Brandt Peters’ “Old Timey” Stingy Jack(Colorway #3) releases to the public. Previously only available to those in attendance at Brandt’s exhibition: Posthumous Menagerie in January –  now we all get a chance at this amazing cool grey and black version of Stingy! These mischievous masters of mayhem are on their way to Albuquerque, and soon – into your wonderful collections! These will be up at a random time at the Circus Posterus online store on Wednesday, as well as on Tomenosuke, for international buyers.

 Stingy says “see you Wednesday!”



Brandt Peters’ “Old Timey” Stingy Jack, Colorway #3



Get ready for some old time calamity because we are starting the new year off right! To get things going, we are stepping back a few years and straight out of the glory days of cartoons with the “Old Timey” Stingy Jack, Colorway #3! Dressed in cool greys and black, this Stingy will be making his first appearance at Brandt Peters’s upcoming solo exhibition: Posthumous Menagerie at Stranger Factory on January 4th, 2013. We expect these to be arriving and for sale in late January but for the  show opening, there will be a presale for those in attendance with online sales in the Circus Posterus store and Tomenosuke coming later in the month.
Posthumous Menagerie opens Jan. 4th at Stranger Factory, alongside the Jimmy Palmiotti curated The Art of Narrative. The opening reception is from 6pm to 9pm

Stranger Factory Presents: “Posthumous Menagerie” A Brandt Peters Solo Exhibition, 1.4

Following the internet-crippling success of his TRIGGER exhibition with FERG last January, Brandt Peters returns with Posthumous Menagerie, a mini solo exhibition taking place in Stranger Factory’s Small Projects Room. In addition to a whole whack of new paintings, drawings and sculptures, the event will also mark the release of the third production colorway of Brandt’s Stingy Jack sofubi. A tribute to classic cartoons of the silver screen era, the monochrome, Old Timey  edition is limited to only 120 pieces. More details on that to come as we inch closer to the date!

Posthumous Menagerie opens Jan. 4th with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. Brandt will be floating about the gallery, so be sure to say hello! 

Leecifer’s Bringin’ the Aliens to Albuquerque for Circus Annual, 12.7

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Now this is our kind of apocalypse party! CP customizer Leecifer is bringing an alien invasion to Albuquerque for Circus Annual, opening next Friday at Stranger Factory. Indeed, Big Sal has been given the Leecifer treatment with his trademark bold colours and steel wool-style paint application. Loving the addition of the Greeter-style spiral noses, as well. The Sals will also be joined by a few custom Stingy Jacks, including the remaining Candy Corns Jacks that debuted earlier this month at DesignerCon.

Circus Annual opens Dec. 7th with a reception from 6 to 9pm. Show’s on until the end of the month!


Coming Soon to the CP Store!

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Are you ready for some awesome news? It is time for some updates on NEW RELEASES from Circus Posterus!

The Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus sofubi will be released in sets of 3 consisting of Stinky Ginger, “Toxic Marshmallow” Stingy Jack, and Calliope over the next 2 weeks on .

Stingy Jack and Calliope will be available by themselves, but due to the smaller edition size, Stinky Ginger will only be available individually in-person at the Stranger Factory store.

Look for the remaining Sour Peach Zombambies to graze their way on to the Circus Posterus webstore this week!

The very last few Green Fade Masao Skelves and Frostbite Masao will show up on the Circus Posterus webstore in increments over the next month. Keep checking the store, because these may show up at any time!


Leecifer’s Micro Run & Custom Stingy Jacks for DesignerCon!

Leecifer is joining CP’s booth party at DesignerCon this Saturday and with him he’ll be bringing a whole whack of incredible resin Stingy Jack customs! Pictured above is the Candy Corn Stingy Jack, a “micro run” of 10 figures, each retailing for $175. He’ll also have five one-off customs on hand for $250 per. A taster of those is posted below! Circus Posterus will be stationed at booth #500; be sure to say hello!

DesignerCon kicks off Nov. 3rd for one day only at the Pasadena Convention Centre in Pasadena, CA.

Collectible “Death Coins” from KO & BP for DesignerCon 2012

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In keeping with DesignerCon tradition, two collectible coins will be up for grabs to commemorate the event and this year features original art from Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas! Inspired by the coins placed on the eyes of the deceased to cross the Acheron in Greek mythology, the ‘Death Coins’ feature Stingy Jack and Calliope Jackalope on one side, and candies on the other (you may recall seeing candies placed on eyes in some of KO’s paintings).

The 1.5″ metal coins retail for $20 per set and there are 100 sets in total. Grab some for good luck at booth #100! DesignerCon kicks off Nov. 3rd for one day only at the Pasadena Convention Center in lovely Pasadena, CA.

[image via SpankyStokes]

Stingy Jack Sofubi Colorway #2 to Debut @ DCon 2012!

Following the insane success of Brandt Peters’s first sofubi Stingy Jack in August, the pumpkin-headed trickster is back for another spin with the Circus. Hot out of the molds from Obitsu, the second colorway just wrapped up and is slated to debut at DesignerCon 2012!

Inspired by Brandt’s “Toxic Marshmallow” resin custom from Monsters & Misfits II, this next colorway from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus packs a heck of palette that’s guaranteed to stand-out from the rest of the collection. Just check out the fade on his noggin!

The Toxic Marshmallow colorway is an edition of 120 pieces. Roughly half of the run will be available at the CP booths (#500) during DCon and the rest will then be split between Tomenosuke -syoten and Stranger Factory. These will be sold shortly after the Con (date TBA). Price is $95 per figure. CP board members, stay tuned for a lottery announcement on the forums.

Hang on to your hats, my friends — things are about to get crazy!

[via the Tomeno blog]