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Three for Thursday with Steve Brown

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Today starts a new feature on the Circus Posterus blog called Three for Thursday. Every so often on a Thursday, we will ask some of the Circus artists and fam a question picking their brains. The premise is simple, Ill ask a question wanting three answers. (yes this is a throwback to the days of zines)

For the fledgling entry, we have the yo-yo master and a man behind many scenes at Circus Posterus, Mr. Steve Brown.

Today I posed this question to Steve, “What three albums changed your life?

Now we let Steve tell us:

It’s absolutely impossible for me to do a “Top Three”. So many albums have changed my life at so many different times and places…Jawbreaker’s “Dear You” bled in to “Orange Rhyming Dictionary” by Jets To Brazil which led me to “Board of Rejection” by Gunmoll and those three albums kept me plenty sane at different points. How do I pick which album by The Clash meant more…trying to negotiate between “Sandinista”, the first album that made me really understand how much a band could push themselves even within the constraints of a major label and “London Calling” which was my first taste of white boys digging in reggae, and “The Clash” which was one of the first 3 punk rock albums I owned…it’s just impossible.

So here are three releases that meant a lot, but not until later. They didn’t rip the skies apart and change my world the second I heard them…but over the years I’ve gone back to them over and over and all of them have taken at least a decade for me to figure out how important they are to me.

In no particular order:

 Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

The first DK album I actually heard was “Plastic Surgery Disasters”, and it was loaned to me my freshman (sophomore?) year of high school by Sean Mahan. I don’t think Sean realized the impact that he had on me in high school, probably because I never told him. He was one of the coolest people I’d ever met. There was a weird little trio of him, Patrick Billard, and Todd Blumenthal. Those guys had already forgotten more about music than I knew, and I would desperately eavesdrop on their conversations and furiously scribble down band names to look for later. I would beg, borrow, and steal to scratch up money to go to Einstein-A-Go-Go (an all-ages indie rock club at Jacksonville Beach) on the nights I knew they were going, to see bands I’d never heard of. I wanted to be cool so badly, it hurt. And those guys were just effortlessly cool.

So one day, Sean loaned me two cassettes…one was “Scratch N Sniff Car Crash” by the Swamp Zombies (I will maintain to this day that their fourth album, “A Frenzy of Music and Action”, is still one of the best albums ever released) and “Plastic Surgery Disasters” by the Dead Kennedys. He did this after my very disastrous attempt to strike up a conversation with him and Todd about some band that I was pretending to know something about in order to fool them into thinking I was cool. Todd was a hilarious guy who was also deeply sarcastic and could sniff out bullshit a mile away, and he quickly called me out on mine. Sean, I think, just felt bad for me when he saw the flush of burning humiliation creep in to my cheeks and he kindly rooted around in his backpack and handed me those two cassettes, saying only “I think you might like these.”

He was right. I did. I absolutely loved them, in fact. So much so that after my first listen that night, I wrote and dispatched letters to both bands’ record labels asking for a catalog and more information about those bands.

Doctor Dream Records informed me they were out of the first two albums by the Swamp Zombies, but sent me a catalog and some stickers. Alternative Tentacles sent me a loose cassette of “Fresh Fruit”, a catalog, some stickers, and a note that said “The case for this was smashed, but the tape works fine. It’s DK’s first album…if you like a band, always start at the beginning.” It wasn’t until years later that I saw someone get an autograph from Jello Biafra and recognized his signature…and realized that he’d written me that note and sent me the tape.

I played that tape until it died, and then bought it on vinyl and then again later on CD. And to this day, any time I hear a band I like, the first thing I do is hunt down their first release. Always start at the beginning.

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Orange Triple Crown Monster Dropping this Weekend @ Triple Crown of YoYo Chicago!

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The annual Triple Crown of YoYo is blowing through the windy city this weekend and in celebration of the event, TCY, in collaboration with Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink., will debut the first painted colourway of the event’s handsome mascot, the Triple Crown Monster, this Saturday, July 28th!

Designed by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Shinbone Creative’s Scott Wetterscheider, the trophy/toy hybrid stands 7 inches tall and, with that solid gorilla stance, an impressive 8 inches wide. The orange beastlie will be available at the YoYo Expert table for $100 + tax. He’s a run of only 50 pieces.  Some will be reserved for the World YoYo contest in Orlando in August and any runaways will be sold by Triple Crown, so keep tabs on their news page.

Unpainted orange versions of the figure will also be offered at the YoYo Expert table for $80 + tax. Any leftovers of the naked mascot will be available via Rotofugi on Monday, July 30th.

ALSO! Be sure to pop by Rotofugi after the event Saturday for Triple Crown’s official after party from 6pm to 8pm. There will be snacks and drinks and a ton of YoYo fun with some of the country’s best players.

[via Rotofugi]

This Dude’s Got MOVES! Triple Crown’s YoYo Monster Hits the Stage this Summer!

The Triple Crown of YoYo is teaming up with Squibbles Ink and Rotofugi to produce their first-ever vinyl toy: the Triple Crown Monster! Conceptualized by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Scott Wetterschnieder of Shinbone Creative, this 7″ beastlie doubles as both collectible art object and coveted Triple Crown trophy!

A very limited release of the unpainted edition (pictured) will be available at the Rotofugi booth just in time for San Diego Comic Con 2012. The first colourway will make its debut at the Triple Crown of YoYo event July 28th in Chicago, where folks will also get to see the rare metallic glow edition, which you can only get if you place in the top three in the Standard, Two-Handed or Aerial freestyle divisions.

Pricing is still TBA. Monsters that don’t sell at the events will be available via and

More photos of this gnarly fella below; be sure to peek at what’s in the palms of his hands (Steve’s pretty amped about this, not gonna lie)!