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Orange Triple Crown Monster Dropping this Weekend @ Triple Crown of YoYo Chicago!

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The annual Triple Crown of YoYo is blowing through the windy city this weekend and in celebration of the event, TCY, in collaboration with Rotofugi and Squibbles Ink., will debut the first painted colourway of the event’s handsome mascot, the Triple Crown Monster, this Saturday, July 28th!

Designed by Chris Ryniak and sculpted by Shinbone Creative’s Scott Wetterscheider, the trophy/toy hybrid stands 7 inches tall and, with that solid gorilla stance, an impressive 8 inches wide. The orange beastlie will be available at the YoYo Expert table for $100 + tax. He’s a run of only 50 pieces.  Some will be reserved for the World YoYo contest in Orlando in August and any runaways will be sold by Triple Crown, so keep tabs on their news page.

Unpainted orange versions of the figure will also be offered at the YoYo Expert table for $80 + tax. Any leftovers of the naked mascot will be available via Rotofugi on Monday, July 30th.

ALSO! Be sure to pop by Rotofugi after the event Saturday for Triple Crown’s official after party from 6pm to 8pm. There will be snacks and drinks and a ton of YoYo fun with some of the country’s best players.

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Mud Puddle Snybora from CMR x Rotofugi x Squibbles Ink Releasing Friday!

Watch your step when heading to Rotofugi this Friday because a new wave of Chris Ryniak’s Snybora will be hitting the streets for some splish splashin’! The Mud Puddle Snybora is a warm caramelized vinyl that features a burnt sienna rub and deep brown accents. His glossy black eyes glisten like the puddles he’s belly-gliding in! Hand painted by Kirby Kerr of Rotofugi and Joe Somers of Squibbles Ink, no two of the 3.5″ critters are exactly alike!

Snag one in store or online Friday, April 27th at 11am Central for about $35.


CMR’s Year of the Dragon Snybora Drops Friday!

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Alright, so 2012 might mark the end of the world on the Mayan calendar, but I see no reason to stop huntin’ for the grails. And besides, it’s also the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar (which sounds far more optimistic) so let’s focus on that!

Available this Friday, March 2nd, is the Year of the Dragon Snybora from Chris Ryniak and Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi. The black vinyl Lake Monster is embellished with stunning-yet-subtle gold, red and matte black accents and has a beautiful set of glossy black eyes. Lovingly hand-painted by Joe Somers (Squibbles) and Kirby Kerr (Rotofugi), no two are exactly alike. He stands a mighty 3.5 inches and will be scampering about the Rotofugi shop at 11am. $35 and he’s yours! More beauty shots below!

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