Sketchbook Showcase

Sketchbook Showcase: Sketches by Kathie Olivas

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Brent Maloney Kathie Olivas Sketch 1

The exhibit “Scout” by Kathie Olivas is only one week away at Stranger Factoryand we thought it would be nice to get everyone pumped by showing off some of the amazing sketches Kathie has done for fans over the years! Many of us carry our sketchbooks around in hope of catching our favorite artists with a couple moments to spare to do a quick doodle, and Kathie is more than gracious when she has time to accommodate all of us. Sit back and enjoy a few of Kathie’s delicate and expressive sketches!

Sketchbook Showcase: Sarah Jo Marks

Kathie Olivas

It goes without saying, that we all love our sketchbooks, but the collected sketches of Sarah Jo Marks are breathtaking. One early morning before Designer Con, I was getting a tour of DKE by Sarah Jo and haphazardly started telling her about some collection showcases we were doing here at CP, and this is when I learned of her extensive collection of bee sketches she has acquired ranging from Mark Ryden, Kathie Olivas and Ferg to Coarse Toys, Audrey Kawasaki, and Craola.

Sarah Jo, being the second half of DKE and a day one attendee of Baby Tattooville, gets ample exposure to great artists and with a simple nudging – glorious sketches! After a few months of compiling the index and working on her second volume. we finally get to see some of the honey she has been collecting for years. We also get to comb her brain with some thoughts on why she chose bees as a topic, so sit back and drool over this remarkable sketchbook and see what Sarah Jo loves about her bees.

Ron English

 Ron English

CP: I have to ask the most obvious question, why bees?

SJM: When I started collecting bee sketches in 2009, I had a lot of reasons. First off, I just love bees. They are magical. They pollinate plants to help grow our food! And let’s face it, bees have not been well. What if bees stopped doing their magical chores and humans had to pollinate things in labs to create food? Ew! So, I figured that bees just need our support. And sketches of bees (for the most part) look at them in a such a beautiful light. Sure, a bee could sting you….but…hopefully that won’t happen. Plus, my Dad was sick and he was a master gardener. And lastly, I was sort of hunting for an image to use for a bee tattoo. I’ve put off the tattoo for a while though. And I am just going to stick to sketches….for now.

Chris Ryniak

 Chris Ryniak

 CP: Will you continue on with bees into new volumes or have a new concept soon?

SJM: I plan to stick with the bees. I have one full book and am filling up a second one. I don’t get any other sketches. If you’ve already drawn a bee in my book I won’t bother you again.

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Sketchbook Showcase!

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We have a new feature that will pop up on the Circus Posterus blog from time to time called SKETCHBOOK SHOWCASE. This little feature will turn the pages of the sketchbooks many of us carry around conventions.

Here, we can gaze at the amazing work many artists do as a thank you for the fans. Some, like myself, just get a simple sketch while others might have a theme, or a larger collaboration from many artists. There are some that even push the boundary of what the artists can do with a specialized book size. There is even one sketchbook of legend that has gained Voldemort stature – we dare not speak its name because what is inside is beyond anything I can imagine for this blog (or my eyes).

For the first initial post, I cracked open my old sketchbook and took a few pictures. I don’t have too many sketches, but for everyone to enjoy, I picked out some of my favorite sketches over the years.




James Jean

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