New Skelves in the Circus Posterus Store!

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It may not be close to midnight but the clock is already ticking! The Midnight Masao Set by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas is available RIGHT NOW in the Circus Posterus Store! This sparkly due consists of one four legged Midnight Masao Skelve (edition of 66) and one Mini Masao Skelve (edition of 100). Like the night hours, these will not last too long, but you can find them by clicking here.

If you’re looking to pick up only one of the Skelves, singles will also be hitting the store at a later date. Keep checking back!

Last-Minute Eye Candy from KO & BP for Stranger Factory’s Holiday Hoedown

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Circus Annual is already upon us and before the festivities get into full swing tonight, we figure we’d toss a few more gumdrops ’cause these pics are too sweet to pass up. Right off the top, we have gorgeousness from Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas and DrilOne, with (from left): an Ooze Skull, custom Skelve, SD201 Red Star Drone and a custom Greeter Skelve that is guaranteed to spark an internet-wide riot.

And just in case those gorgeous Elizabeth handpaints from last week weren’t enough, Kathie will also have a 17″ Lizzie in the show. Yep. Anyone have a drool bucket? Hang it off my ears.

And this was the arrow through the heart for me: Brandt will have a small series of 6- and 8-inch wood pieces featuring a few of our favourite characters, new and old (wait till you see Slap-Happy!). But enough teasing: on to the preview! Many pieces still need to be added today and through the weekend, but there’s still a ton of goodness to ogle in the meantime. Allons-y!!