ODDysseys: Exiting New Work from Stan Manoukian, Seymour, Maryanna Hoggatt & Andrew Bell



Exciting New Work from Stan Manoukian,
Seymour, Maryanna Hoggatt & Andrew Bell!

Stranger Factory is proud to present ODDysseys, for the month of June, with new work from Stan Manoukian, Seymour, Maryanna Hoggatt, and Andrew Bell.


Stan Manoukian is an internationally recognized member of the Circus Posterus Collective, from Paris, France, known for his comic illustration, film and commercial story development, toy design and monster creation. With approximately 15 original sculptures, one large (40″ x 30″) original drawing, and several smaller drawings, Manoukian will be expanding his realm of strange and unknown creatures for the ODDysseys exhibition.


Australian based Peter Kelk produces artwork under the pseudonym Seymour and is known for his vibrantly eerie sculptures and intricate ink and giclee prints. For ODDysseys, Seymour’s creations will embody a sense of exploration and adventure and we will see a sculpt edition of ten, each one in an original colorway, as well as at least two larger, original 3-D figures.


Maryanna Hoggatt is a freelance artist in the Pacific Northwest and her impressive client roster has included Nike, Amazon, and Microsoft, though she finds herself most at home when working on her own personal creations. Through illustration and sculpting, Hoggatt has created Animal Battle, a world in which animals express the human emotions involved in overcoming fears and doubts in order to bring to life their hopes and dreams. In keeping with her ongoing narrative, Hoggatt will be providing four original sculpts, wood/resin wall reliefs, as well as prints and smaller resin figures for the ODDysseys exhibition.


For NY artist, Andrew Bell, ODDysseys is an opportunity to expand upon the theme of transmuted plant life, or “Trans-Plants.” We can expect to see several ink drawings, original paintings, as well small and medium resin sculpts complete with Bell’s signature style that blends a sense of humor with serious undertones.

The opening reception is Friday, June 5th from 6 – 9 pm at Stranger Factory. Some of the artists will be in attendance. The ODDysseys exhibition will run through June 28th.

Seymour Sets Sail for NYCC

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He just made our jaws drop at Bewitching II at Stranger Factory, and now Seymour aka Peter Kelk is on his way to NYCC. Coming more equipped than Batman’s utility belt, Seymour is bringing 2D and 3D work along with himself to the big apple at the Strychnin Gallery Booth #1780. Up first is the “The Colonial Crusaders” limited to an edition of only 100 this play on the DC Comics superheroes is perfect  for the convention, and it is full of righteous mustaches. Then he has an exceptional one off, Colonial Crusader Batman sculpt. This will make all fan boys proud especially considering it comes in a completely awesome handmade case with an extra interchangeable head for the zombie lovers out there. Like the print, Batman’s mustache is pretty epic too. Stop by and say hello to Seymour when there.

NYCC runs Oct. 11-14 at Javits Center in New York City.

Don Your Best Rubber Face, Seymour’s Mascarade is Coming to Town!

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Some of you may recall Seymour’s nightmarish sideshow from Strychnin’s Emporium exhibition (with Doktor A and Skeleton Heart) earlier this year. But if you’re unfamiliar with the work of Berlin-based artist, now’s your chance to see him at his best.

Continuing the carnivale theme, Seymour presents “The Mascarade”, an installation comprised of eight polymer clay and resin figures all housed in a vintage wooden clock body. Customised to look like the front of an old house, the characters sit on the front steps, eagerly awaiting someone brave (or foolish?) enough to approach for candy. Oh, they’ll give you something, all right …

 The clock box measures 22 inches (it’s a big ‘un) and includes an internal light to show off the group of geeks loitering within. Something tells me they’ll be right at home at Stranger Factory.

 Bewitching II opens tomorrow (Oct. 5th) with an opening reception from 6pm to 9pm!   

Strychnin Gallery Presents The Emporium: New Works by Doktor A, Seymour & Skeleton Heart

Doktor A is teaming up with Seymour and Skeleton Heart this June for The Emporium, a good old fashioned carnivale freak show at Strychnin Gallery in Berlin. Expect an assortment of sculptural wonderment from each artist as they present their interpretation of the ‘dark circus’. Very excited to see what the artists have up their sleeves; every piece Dok produces for this gallery is a marvel in engineering (remember this?), so it should be quite a show. Some teasers await your curiosity beyond the curtain below. The Emporium opens June 8th with a reception at 7pm.