All guts and all glory for SDCC

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1002772_10151778416278628_1979950962_nEven with anticipation and stress levels rising for SDCC, these two custom bubbleguts by Chris Ryniak bring a much needed snaggletoothed smile to my face. On Saturday, July 20th, Chris will be joined by Brandt Peters and Amanda Louise Spayd at the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5346 when Circus Posterus returns to the San Diego Comic Con.

Chris is bringing a bounty of creatures with him to the convention, and these two burrito filled Bubbleguts are part of the entourage for $700 each. After a long night in the Gaslamp Quarter of eating, partying, and eating again, these two will be looking for a new home on Saturday and a proper nap thereafter. We will have details soon on how we’ll be handling SDCC releases, so keep watching the news feed.


No crumb left uneaten at SDCC

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Herd of Crumbs

Hide your pretzels and don’t leave a burrito anywhere near them, because a herd of Crumbeaters are making their way to the San Diego Comic Con!

Chris Ryniak has taken a small handful of these small hunger driven creations and given them each their own distinct personality. You read correctly, every one of these dudes have some added sculpting and attitude! All are distinct and definitely one of a kind. There is just one more finishing touch left on them before they head over to the Cardboard Spaceship booth #5346 on Saturday, July 20th when Circus Posterus takes over for a day.

…and they are HUNGRY!

Painted Mini Greeters for SDCC

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IMG_ 251Holy corncob, Batman! It looks like Kathie and Brandt are getting ready for SDCC at superspeed!   There will most definitely be custom mini greeters for the convention – some in super hero attire, or an arch-villain, and even a bee! This is probably just the tip of the Mr. Freeze iceberg….

We will know more soon but remember the San Diego Comic Con is July 17-22! Stop by the Cardboard Spaceship booth(#5346) on Saturday to say hi to Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd, and check out the work from the Circus Posterus crew!



Circus Posterus at the San Diego Comic Con

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A year ago I flew into San Diego for my annual adventure in lines, more lines, and  fun, and now the San Diego Comic Con is upon us once again!

This year, Circus Posterus makes an extraordinary return to SDCC, with many thanks to the fine folks of Cardboard Spaceship, who are letting us takeover their booth (#5346) on Saturday, July 20th. On hand will be the amazing work of  Chris Ryniak, Brandt Peters, Amanda Louise Spayd, and Kathie Olivas.

In the weeks to come, we will have specifics on what the crew will have for all the fans but for now, we can tell you that there will be loads of customs, originals, new releases, a contest of sorts, and maybe even an exclusive or two. Don’t start lining up yet because we are working out all the specific times for shenanigans, but we will be sure to let you all know ASAP when we have it finalized.

Keep checking back to the blog for more info!


Amanda Louise Spayd is up to something for SDCC

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ALS1Most of us have already been frantically at work researching and planning our SDCC attack for over a month now, and we are still over 7 weeks out. For those that don’t spend hours with web searches and emails, we are here to help!

We already gave you a small look into one thing Chris Ryniak is working on for the convention, but now we can tell you something about what Amanda Louise Spayd is working on. This time around, we have a duo of progress shots for the convention. You can see some early stages and some progression of some Dust Bunny faces coming to life. These one offs for the con seem to be heading in a direction with keyholes. The new addition to the bunnies is very intriguing and makes you wonder if they will come with a vintage key?

Remember Circus Posterus takes over the Cardboard Spaceship booth on Saturday, July 20th during the con. We will have more soon from Mandi, and the rest of the CP artists that will be at SDCC. Don’t worry, we haven’t started the line yet, but SDCC happens in San Diego Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.



Chris Ryniak brings new Crumbeaters to SDCC

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sdcc-logo1The San Diego Comic Con is less than two months away, and it will be here faster than the Flash hyped up on 4 shots of espresso. The information will start pouring in fast and unexpected as we get closer to preview night, but we’ll keep you up to date on what some of our favorite artists will be up to at this grand ol’ convention.

Circus Posterus will be taking over the Cardboard Spaceship booth on Saturday, and you can bet your Superman tights they will have that booth filled with amazing goods! Up first, we know Chris Ryniak is hard at work in his lab creating perfect monsters, and so far we have seen a new herd of Crumbeaters being born. Still in the early stages, these Crumbeaters have a ways to go before they head out of Ohio to sunny California. We can tell you that each of these big eyed fellas will be different and there will be around 10 or so of them.

Hopefully you got tickets to the con! (If you did, see you there!)

CMRcrumbsSDCC happens in San Diego Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.



Mikee’s Mail Day: The Pollen Kaiser!

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Sometimes you have a mail day so good it brings you to tears. Standing behind the counter, weeping and worshipping a new god, while customers stare at me confused. These mail days are few and far between. But yesterday was one of those days.

If you are in the know in the Kaiju scene, you know that one man towers over most with his top hat and trademark evil grin: Paul Kaiju. He is a beast, pure and simple. His works are this amazing blend of sick and elegant. The Pollen Kaiser is a huge example of how great Paul’s work truly is. The Pollen Kaiser stands 10″ tall and around 12″  with the staff. This particular version was the recent Toy Art Gallery factory paint release and is a great lure to getting people to look back at some past Pollen releases. Seriously , the handpaints from SDCC this year still haunt my dreams. That and I would sell my mother into slavery for a Mockbat … any takers?

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!

Ultra Squid Girl Makes Her Resin Debut @ Le Carnaval, 9.13

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Oh hot damn, remember these two?! Kathie and Brandt’s Ultra Squid Girl figure made its debut as a prototype at the Super7 booth during SDCC 2011.

Now, this probably goes without saying, but this is a very complicated sculpt and production on the vinyl edition is still up in the air, but the GOOD NEWS is that resin versions of the sculpt EXIST. What you see above is the first hand painted set to be revealed (we’ve also seen a lone Squid Skull), and is part of Le Carnaval des Spectres in Paris this September. Unlike the vinyl edition, these figures cannot be stacked (originally the Squid Girl on the left was intended to slip over the Skull), but I don’t think I’d want to conceal the sheer awesomeness of that irradiated invertebrate, anyway! We’re talking handpaints, people! Just when you thought this figure couldn’t get sexier … ;)

Plenty more pics and info to come; this is startin’ to get good!


Scott Wilkowski x Brandt Peters ‘Infected’ Kuma Skelves for DKE @ SDCC 2012

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As part of his ‘… Of All Ages’ showcase at the DKE booth (#4728) at SDCC this year, uber sculptor Scott Wilkowski has infected Brandt Peters’ Kuma Skelve. Adding an incredible, prehistoric-like skeletal piece encased in smoke or ice-coloured resin, each colourway is limited to a mere 25 pieces each (50 total figures) and will retail for $300 a head.

I really can’t muster any more than a “holy shit” at this point. I can’t even decide on a colourway. Good luck to all who enter the breach for this these — they’ll be available starting Friday the 13th at noon!