Dril’s SD201 Red Star Drones for Circus Annual @ Stranger Factory, 12.7

After the amazing response for his custom Drones at DesignerCon earlier this month, DrilOne returns with the SD201 Red Star Drone, a 12-piece squadron of resin military bots who have their laser sights set on Stranger Factory! Ten of the hand-cast, hand-painted figures will be available for purchase next month as part of the gallery’s Circus Annual group show, so stay sharp!

Circus Annual and Derek Yaniger’s A One Way Ticket to Flipsville open Dec. 7th with a reception from 6pm to 9pm.

New Teasers from KO for “Haunted” at AFA NYC 10.20

The in-progress goodness continues to trickle out from CP HQ as Kathie Olivas puts the finishing touches on her upcoming solo exhibition, Haunted, at AFA NYC next month. Loving all the hand sculpted elements of these pieces above … and if you think the Vishnu-esque arms of the one lady is impressive, wait till you see the gams that go with the gal on the left!

Haunted opens Oct. 20th at AFA in New York, NY. Reception with the artist will be held opening night from 7pm to 9pm.


Calliope Jackalope: An Anatomy, Pt. I

In continuing with our CP x Tomenosuke sofubi anatomy series, we now turn our attention to Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope, who we anticipate to see at Le Carnaval des Spectres this September at Artoyz Paris.

Unlike Brandt’s Stingy Jack, there was no pre-existing master sculpt for the Calliope Jackalope, which meant she had to be made from the ground-up. With Teodoru Badiu again at the helm of 3D rendering, he created the digital turns of the figure. Stingy Jack sculptor Yohei Kaneko of Mirock Toy would return as sculptor for this project.

One of the really interesting features of the CP sofubi project is the goal to have interchangeable heads between all of the figures. That also presents many obstacles, however, as was discovered while sculpting Calliope: in order to support Jack’s head and have it look natural, Calliope’s backline and shoulder width had to be adjusted. This element of interchangeability will have to be taken into account with each subsequent release and, while a challenge, may very well yield both impressive and playful results.

And here she is, in all her glory: after repeated modifications and adjustments to the figure to accommodate Brandt’s Stingy Jack and preserve Kathie’s signature style, the prototype was approved the evening of the Monsters & Misfits II opening in Takayama, Japan, last April.

Which means: we’re off to get waxed!

[via the Tomeno blog]

DrilOne x Kathie Olivas MBG-1812 Custom Bird Greeters

You’ve seen the wings of desire … now … behold the militant archangel they’re equipped to! Coming soon from DrilOne and Kathie Olivas is MBG-1812, a series of custom Bird Greeters and DrilOne’s first editioned Skelve since joining the artist collective late last year.Standing a menacing 10 3/4″ high, the MBG’s (Military Bird Greeters) feature a custom-cast chest plate and removable wings that are built upon Kathie’s iconic sculpt. Each of the 18 figures is hand painted by Dril and retails for $300.  One randomly selected order will also receive a custom Kathie Olivas bird companion!

The drop is just around the corner; man your battle stations and await the signal!

O Hai … Nothing To See Here …

Now THAT’S the guilty mug of a critter caught with their paw in the cookie jar! This little beastie from Chris Ryniak is an original one-off sculpt who’s destined for a very special celebration happening later this year. And apparently — at least according to the cutline beneath the photo on Chris’ Tumblr — “… it gets better.”

Just wait till you see what’s planned for him. And who’s doing it. Oh, how we love the suspense! Details soon, my pretties!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Wippo!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, Teodoru Badiu has revealed two new potential colourways of his upcoming Wippo figure in a sweet little 3D rendering. Say hello to Cool Blue and Sweet Cherry!

And just to make the day a little sweeter for everyone: here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the actual sculpt! Y’know, they’re just hangin’ out, doin’ their Wippo thang …

Introducing ‘Wippo’ from Teodoru Badiu x Circus Posterus

CP’s newest artist, Teodoru Badiu, is wasting no time in bringing his iconic, hyper-happy characters to the Circus! Just recently he revealed 3D renderings and concept sketches of Wippo: a pony-like creature with the bone horns and playful styling that Teoduro is celebrated for. The Pink and Dark editions (photo below) are both under consideration for colourways and all release details are in the works as we speak. Much more to come, including some behind-the-scenes shots of the sculpt while it’s being brought to life!

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