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Scott Wilkowski x Brandt Peters ‘Infected’ Kuma Skelves for DKE @ SDCC 2012

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As part of his ‘… Of All Ages’ showcase at the DKE booth (#4728) at SDCC this year, uber sculptor Scott Wilkowski has infected Brandt Peters’ Kuma Skelve. Adding an incredible, prehistoric-like skeletal piece encased in smoke or ice-coloured resin, each colourway is limited to a mere 25 pieces each (50 total figures) and will retail for $300 a head.

I really can’t muster any more than a “holy shit” at this point. I can’t even decide on a colourway. Good luck to all who enter the breach for this these — they’ll be available starting Friday the 13th at noon!

Coming Soon: Chris Ryniak’s ‘Bugglestump Forest’

So Chris Ryniak recently set the CP Forums ablaze with teasers of a new project he’s been working on, dubbed ‘Bugglestump Forest’. Very little is known about the project itself, apart from the fact that it’s a series of wooden something-or-others being produced by Ink It Labs. The first release will debut at SDCC in July via the Dragatomi booth (#4935), and any leftovers will be available through Dragatomi later on. If they sell out, more will be made (it isn’t a Con exclusive).


But what the heck is it? According to Chris, “It’s hard to explain, so you’ll just have to wait to see what it is. It’s not what you’re expecting though.”

Hmm. Well, if you check out the Ink It Labs website, they specialize in all sorts of stuff, including laser-cut wood, wood printing and also engraving. I’m going to wager laser-cut wood prints for the wall. Because how wouldn’t that be wicked?

Anyhoo, this is all still a work in progress (the packaging was just hammered out this weekend) and Chris promises more teasers leading up to SDCC. So stay tuned; the Bugglestump will be bearing fruit soon!