Doktor A’s 8″ Ironclad Decimator Dunny from Kidrobot, 9.6

Professor Teslastein jaggedly cuts, bending back the metal flesh.  Feverishly he works to create new vehicles of destruction for his nefarious exploits. Two models take shape from the scraps: in one he plants a vine to give it strength and in the other he gives a piece of himself. The Frankendunnys come alive. He leaves his laboratory, happy with his success, not noticing a third figure has risen from the decay. Concealed in the shadows, its eyes are glowing, gears are turning, and electric current is pulsing with life.

Doktor A fans, prepare to render your F5 key inoperable on September 6th. Rising from the steel slab of Professor Teslastein’s lab is the Ironclad Decimator Dunny, a riveted Rupture robot hardwired for destruction.

The 8-inch dunny is available in two editions: Regular and Mecha Rupture, as well as a chase that has yet to be revealed. The Regular, fashioned in a metallic silver and gold with a electric blue lightening bolt, will be available exclusively through Kidrobot stores and His counterpart, Mecha Rupture, is a retailer release (store list here). He sports a matte pink with high-gloss black and white palette and black translucent lightening bolt. Both editions are a limited run of 600 pieces and the chase is 200 pieces (1:6 ratio). They retail for $75 per. Buckle up; things are gonna get nutty.

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Doktor A x Funky Peanut Rupture Funky Sleeves

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Well this is fun: Doktor A’s Rupture returns in the form of a series of e-device sleeves from UK-based company Funky Peanut (you probably remember the teaser). After years of assaulting the designer toy market, our favourite razor-tooth monster has turned his attention to our beloved gadgets and gizmos …

Ideal for iPads, laptops, Kindles and the like, the neoprene covers feature a slick new Rupture design that has “a little more attitude than the previous versions,” the Dok says, adding that he whipped it up exclusively for the project. They also sport a super-soft, black fleece lining accented with black military grade zippers, black metal zipper pulls and black trim.

Available sizes include:

7” (21x15cm), suitable for Kindles and Android-type tablets. Retails for $30 / £18.99
10” (26x19cm), suitable of all iPads and most 10″ tablets. Retails for $38 / £23.99
15” (38x26cm), suitable for Macbooks and similar laptops. Retails for $44 / £27.99

Each size is a run of 500 and will be available tomorrow (Feb. 27th) via Funky Peanut and Doktor A’s Spookypopshop. Additional shots below.

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New Rupture Goodness from Doktor A

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Recently on the CP forums, Dok A revealed this sneak peek of a new Rupture product, due for release sometime in February. Guesses, anyone? The only hint we have from the Dok is that it’s not a plush. In fact, it isn’t a toy at all.

… Curious.