O Hai … Nothing To See Here …

Now THAT’S the guilty mug of a critter caught with their paw in the cookie jar! This little beastie from Chris Ryniak is an original one-off sculpt who’s destined for a very special celebration happening later this year. And apparently — at least according to the cutline beneath the photo on Chris’ Tumblr — “… it gets better.”

Just wait till you see what’s planned for him. And who’s doing it. Oh, how we love the suspense! Details soon, my pretties!

Fake Candy You’d Eat Anyway

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It appears that, aside from perfumery and critter creation, Ms. Amanda Spayd is quite the keen faux confectioner. Yes, they are fake: resin, in fact. I’m telling you, she’d be a star window dresser, this gal. The sweets are part of the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan, opening April 13th. Ice cream, cantlers, resin candies … the craving’s are runnin’ rampant!