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Off with their Heads again!

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One of the awesome things about the Pocket Sideshow Chibi series, is that you can swap all the heads and bodies! We did just that with a set of the Winter Colorway set. Makes for fun combos and mixing it up.

Works well if we say so ourselves!

You can get the Pocket Sideshow series right here


Weekly Roundup September 20 – 26

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Did you miss something on our social media sites this week? If you did, have no fear because we have you covered in one easy post!

This week we announced two exciting releases at Bewitching IV and covered the progress of many artists from the show.

First up, we are beyond proud to finally bring you two amazing releases at this year’s installment of Bewitching with the brand new Pocket Sideshow set featuring Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Amanda Louise Spayd, and Chris Ryniak, along with the Stingy Jack “Pierrot” edition.

Stingy Blog

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We also looked into the studio of a handful of Bewitching IV artists. We got to see exactly what they are up to for the show! This always makes us want to see the finished work more and more.

Amanda Louise Spayd Carisa Swenson Jason Andrew Smith (2) Joe Scarano Lana Crooks

DrilThe Beast BrothersKeep your eyes open because we will have more soon!


Pocket Sideshow Release 10.10.14

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Tomenosuke + CP will be releasing our first color-way of POCKET SIDESHOW,  our brand new “chibi” line of sofubi figures (Made in Japan). These 3” tall figures will debut at both this year’s BEWITCHING IV group Halloween exhibition at Stranger Factory (Circus Posterus: North American & Canadian Sales) and at Taipei Toy Festival & tomenosuke.com (Tomenosuke: International Sales).

 — 1st colorway = Edition: 100 of each characterPenelope (Kathie Olivas) / Otto (Brandt Peters) / Puddlesproot (Chris Ryniak) / Snowshoe (Amanda Louise Spayd) — Please keep in mind that the editions will be split equally between Circus Posterus and Tomenosuke.

— All figure heads swap out between each other in the Chibi Pocket Sideshow series!

Pocket Sideshow Chibis will ONLY be sold in packs (and not individually) at the BEWITCHING IV Exhibition at Stranger Factory, starting on October 10th. They will be sold in the following manner:

 — Full Sets (Painted + matching  solid color “blank” figure sets) – 8 figures in total: $150

— Full sets (Complete set of all 4 painted figures) – 4 figures in total: $95

— Individual sets (1 painted figure + its matching “blank” figure) – 2 figures in total: $40


***** Sets are sold… (1) one set per household. You cannot combine an individual set of 2 figures with bigger full sets.

 ***** If we have any chibi packs left after the Bewitching IV opening reception… a small amount will be made available online  the following Monday, October 13th, on www.circusposterus.com

 ***** Individual figures will not be sold at this event. Blanks will not be sold unless combined with a painted figure as stated above.

 ***** We will have a small amount of individual painted chibis on hand for DesignerCon in November. They will retail for $25 each.

 INTERNATIONAL COLLECTORS AND BUYERS: Please visit Tomenosuke.com and their blog for more information on when the Pocket Sideshow Chibis will be made available for International buyers online through their website and through their booth at Taipei Toy Festival.
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