Nonesuch Garden and Winter Salon III

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Megan Baehr aka Nonesuch Garden is still rolling along full speed after her Halloween Skelve sold out a few weeks ago. Now with her sights set on Winter Salon III, she has a herd of plush ideas in store for us.
Cent progressMegan is hard at work creating a multitude of her favorite mythical creature, the centaur, for the show. As you can see, the color palette is ready, which leaves the arduous task of constructing all these one of a kind liminal beings.

If you aren’t familiar with a centaur, they are creatures based in Greek and Roman mythology with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. Also, if you look to the sky on a clear night, constellation Centaurus is based on the same…well, you know.

Megan has chosen a fine specimen to recreate in her dolls. We will see more of the herd soon!


You won’t have to travel to Thessaly to get one of these amazing dolls…probably just Albuquerque or the comfort of your computer. The Circus Posterus Winter Salon opens December 6!

Nonesuch Garden x Circus Posterus Skelve


This weekend, we were hit with a left hook on the Circus Posterus Instagram.

The details are slim for now, but there seems to be a Nonesuch Garden and Circus Posterus collab Skelve on the horizon. We talked about Megan Baehr aka Nonesuch Garden last October before Designer Con about her amazing plush work, and now it looks as if there will be a crossover of epic proportions!

The images are of a plush Skelve adorned with a proper top hat in the same fashion as Megan’s Nonesuch Dolls. This Skelve has posable legs – for a sitting or standing position, or just getting ready for some good yoga.

We are beyond excited for this release. More details soon folks!


Amanda Louise Spayd’s “Thimbleberry” to Debut @ DesignerCon

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For the last couple of weeks or so, Amanda Louise Spayd has been dropping WIP shots on her Instagram (@amandalouisespayd) of a new, printed cloth doll for DesignerCon. And now, we have the full reveal: ladies and gents, meet Thimbleberry, a double-sided, soft ‘n’ squishable plushie that will release via the Circus Posterus booth (#500) this Saturday! Pricing is still TBA, but Mandi is shooting to have 25 at the event, with a wider release later on. Details to come!

Destination Designer Con: Nonesuch Garden

I love the news coming in for Designer Con! Now I have a deluge of info for what Nonesuch Garden has coming to the Pasadena Convention Center, and you can file this under adorable!

Nonesuch Garden is the creations of Megan Baehr, who works some plush magic alongside painting as well. She will making her first trip to Designer Con, so everyone should stop by and say hello while picking up some sweet goods.

Ok enough banter, and let us take a look at what she has coming to Dcon!

Above we have The Berry Sproutlings
The Berry Sproutlings will be available for for an adoption fee of $415 each. You will also receive a copy of the Sproutling Care Guide, a Certificate of Authenticity, and a cute box to carry your Sproutling home in! Hooray!

The Sproutlings are created using air dry clay and a dry felting technique called needle felting. Needle felting is achieved by poking wool roving with a barbed needle over and over again until the desired shape forms. This method of felting is extremely time consuming, but the seamless results are well worth it! Sproutlings have a wire armature inside them that allows for gentle posing. No molds or patterns of any kind are used to make these one of a kind art dolls.

Also Sproutling brooches for $50 each, 1.5 inches high, made with the same materials as the full dolls. The grumpy faces are the best IMO!

Nonesuch Dolls

A collection of 24 different Nonesuch Dolls will be available. Adoption fees range from $75 to $175. I will also be taking pre-orders for designs I don’t have with me and accepting a limited number of custom orders from Designer Con attendees only for my November/December queue. All orders placed at the con will receive free shipping!

The Nonesuch Dolls were specifically designed to be customizable. I wanted the possibilities to be endless while maintaining a unique style and point of view. Each doll is hand sewn from my own, original patterns. They are made out of wool felt, embroidery floss, and polyester fiber fill. I sometimes use acrylic paint for details. They are typically 4.75 inches (12cm) tall and have string jointed arms and legs which allows them to hold simple poses.

Megan will also have the Tiny Monsters original watercolor paintings on hand.

Amanda Louise Spayd Brings the Harvest Moon to Bewitching II

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Amanda Louise Spayd is one of those artists whose work consistently impresses and inspires me, and when the air grows cool and the trees become a mosaic of yellow, orange and red, she’s in her element. Magic happens. She reignites our imaginations and reminds us that while we wander the forests listening to the crunch of the leaves beneath us, the sound me not be from our feet alone.

Harvest Moon is a custom sprite that’s bound for Bewitching II, Stranger Factory’s annual Halloween haunt, opening tomorrow. Complete with hand-cast resin face, custom forehead adornment, seriously stylish leaf mane and Beetlejuice slacks, s/he’d make a perfect centrepiece for any Thanksgiving table. As always, I’m curious of the scent: cinnamon? Pumpkin pie? Dried leaves? Mmmm, creature therapy.

Turn Your Dog into a Plush Toy!

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This is not taxidermy, but a chance to turn images of your dog into a plush toy. Shelter Pups makes custom wool stuffed dogs while helping local animal rescues and shelters. By submitting pictures of your dog, they will craft an average size 11 x 7 Shelter Pup for you and your four legged friend to bring home. Portions of sales go directly to helping rescues and shelters in your local area which makes this a total win win. From the before and after shots on the site, they do great work, but I wouldn’t let your pup use his new likeness as a chew toy because that is just wrong. Now all the cat lovers out there shouldn’t feel left out because the felines are coming in 2013.


Click More for more examples.

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New Friends from Amanda Louise Spayd for ‘Origins of the Forest’, 9.7

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Amanda Louise Spayd’s Instagram teasers (@amandalouisespayd) continue to trickle out in anticipation of her solo show, Origins of the Forest, opening this Friday at myplasticheart. Faux fur has never looked so good.

The reception will take place this Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Amanda will be there! For those looking to pick up a little guy from this show (who wouldn’t?!), be sure to sign up the for mailing list by emailing: previewme@myplasticheart.comThe critters will have full run of the gallery until October 7th.

New In-Progress Magic from Amanda Spayd for ‘Origins of the Forest’, 9.7

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With Origins of the Forest just two weeks away, Amanda Louise Spayd’s studio is in full-swing production mode with little resin faces and plush bodies blanketing every conceivable surface. It also means a steady stream of WIP shots hitting Instagram, which always makes us tingle with antici … pation.

I’ll let the critters speak for themselves; Mandi’s WIP shots are nothing short of magical and for a show that seemingly crept up on all of us, it appears we are in for something very special.

Origins of the Forest opens Sept. 7th at myplasticheart with a reception with the artist from 6pm to 9pm. The exhibition is on view through Oct. 7th.

Amanda Louise Spayd’s ‘Origins of the Forest’ @ myplasticheart 9.7

Wow, this snuck up real fast. Opening next month at myplasticheart is Amanda Louise Spayd’s second solo show of 2012, Origins of the Forest. Channeling the magic of last year’s blow out exhibition, Late Season, Origins is rooted in the rustic, woodland themes we’ve come to love and expect from Mandi. And just in time for the Fall!

“I feel most at home when I am in the woods,” Amanda writes from her studio in rural Ohio. “This show is sort of my homage to the forest – the textures, colors, legends, and animals that live there or are the representation of that place. Expect to see more furry creatures than I usually do, as well as a selection of sort of Bavarian folk art-inspired colors and designs. Summer is beginning to wind down, but the forests are still very vibrant and alive.”

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