Phil Noto

Phil Noto’s elegant beauties

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ChargerWe have been anxiously waiting images from Phil Noto’s “Full Disclosure” coming to Stranger Factory next week, and we finally got our hands on some of his work in progress.

Once again, Phil blissfully creates masterful works. This comic book artist and painter is a true master at capturing expressions and form with minute details. The world he creates in the elegant expressions of his renowned female portraits open up an endless back story to what you are viewing. What is she thinking, why does she look sad, and what got her to this point in her life are all thought provoking questions that come to mind. And, this is just seeing his work unfinished! We will see more soon.

DetailPhil Noto’s “Full Disclosure”  run February 7th – March 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, February 7th from 6 – 9 PM. Phil be attending the opening.

Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood are coming to Stranger Factory

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7d2d6a20849311e3b79312eb07b1b393_8You read it correctly, true believers!

Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood are coming to Albuquerque!
Both of these amazingly talented artists will be present on opening night (February 7th) for their exhibits “Full Disclosure” and “Perfect Machine” at Stranger Factory.

As Jim has so perfectly stated “we’ll both be there that night to shake your hand, draw a shark on your forehead, high-5 the wizard, do shots of whiskey, and everything else”. That sounds like a perfect night, if you ask me.

See you February 7th for opening night at Stranger Factory from 6-9pm!



February Exhibits – Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood

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Stranger Factory – February Exhibits

New works by Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood

Stranger Factory is thrilled to present two new exhibits for February from artists Phil Noto and Jim Mahfood.

Phil Noto’s “Full Disclosure” finds Noto’s signature style in top form, as the artist deftly brings beautiful new characters to life. Few artists are able to capture the subtleties of human expressions like Noto, and it’s impossible to look at his works without being drawn in immediately. Beautiful understatement is the name of the game with Noto’s work, from a slightly raised eyebrow to the tiniest of smirks. We are huge fans of Noto’s paintings, and thrilled to be able to present another solo show by this modern master.

In the Project Room we have the frenetic illustration style of Jim Mahfood. His new exhibit, “Perfect Machine”, brings to Stranger Factory an exploration of sense and sensuality couched in his trademark chaotic style…heaps of black ink seem to explode within and around his subjects as they struggle for a handhold in an unsure world. Mahfood’s illustration style is dense and rich, and carries an intense load of sex, comedy, and violence.


Please contact our Press Manager with any additional requests for artist information or show images.

Both exhibits run February 7th – March 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, February 7th from 6 – 9 PM.

Now in the Circus Posterus Store: New Prints by Phil Noto

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The dust is just now settling from an amazing opening for Phil Noto’s exhibit at Stranger Factory, and  we are pleased to announce we have some amazing new giclee prints by Phil himself.

Both are 13″ x 19″  with a low edition of only 50 each for $50. “Velocita 73” seen above and “Shogun” below perfectly display the painting expertise of Phil Noto.

You can purchase right here in the Circus Posterus store.


More Captivating Work by Phil Noto

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Noto5Even with a painting still in an unfinished stage, we can see the power it has, thanks to the masterful skills of Phil Noto. Phil embraces beauty and strength with his work, and puts forth an unparalleled depiction of beautiful and strong women. We’d definitely like to know the story behind this one. What is she thinking? What are those markings? Is she troubled, remembering, or just pensive?

We can ask Phil ourselves at his solo show running July 5th – July 28th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory. Phil is also teaching a workshop on Sunday, July 7th and there are only a couple of spaces left!.



Phil Noto’s stunning ladies

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Noto2Phil Noto has the rare ability to capture a spark in painting with a delicate grace, and this one is no exception. This might be the last image you see of a beautiful soul that will never grace your path again except in your thoughts and hopes(or fortunately, within the walls of Stranger Factory in July).

Not only is Phil Noto known for his astounding comic art, but he is a master at capturing the stunning female form. We can tell by this work in progress painting that this is once again, indeed a perfect display of Phil’s talent. The piece is already captivating, and we can only imagine how the finished version will be.

Phil Noto’s solo show runs July 5th – August 4th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory. Phil will be present, and is also teaching a painting workshop on Sunday, July 7th.


Phil Noto’s Comic Book Covers

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The thing about writing about artists that exhibit at Stranger Factory is that I am genuinely a big fan of most of them. Brandt and Kathie are amazing curators, and no crap makes it through the doors of their gallery. So, yeah, I’m a fan, and it’s really wonderful being able to write about artists you love. But sometimes, an artist is scheduled to show at Stranger Factory, and I’m kind of not just a fan, I am a total fangirl. And then, I have to get my act together because no one wants a wide eyed blubbering fool writing about their show. Fortunately, Phil’s work has been a frequent guest at Stranger Factory, so at least I’m reasonably calm about it now.

(Scott and Jean, from The Art of Narrative show this January)

So, today, I’m just gonna show you a few of Phil Noto’s gorgeous comic book covers, all rendered in his trademark retro-inspired style and his unfailing eye for colour. I’m not going to dwell too much on how his cover for Batgirl #2 stopped me in my tracks in a comic book store a couple years ago(and there’s a nice retrospective of his Batgirl covers here), or about how his Birds of Prey covers have been the most consistently stunning, or about how glad I am that in a comic book world still filled with impractical women in uncomfortable poses, Phil Noto’s ladies are consistently strong, coy, elegant and playful – all at the same time.

So, right. I’m a fan, and here are some of my favourite Noto covers.

The aforementioned Batgirl #2(It’s a good run, and has my second favourite Batgirl).
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Click “more” to read on.
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Phil Noto, Colin Christian and Glenn Barr at Stranger Factory in July!

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July 2013 brings three new exhibits to the Stranger Factory gallery by artists Colin Christian, Glenn Barr, and Phil Noto. Press images and additional artist information are available upon request from our Press Manager, Steve Brown.

Legendary pop surrealism artist Glenn Barr is excited to present a new body of work at Stranger Factory. His paintings channel the bizarre landscapes of a retro future, populated by strong, bold women inspired by 60’s soul singers, comic book heroines, and pinup girls. With his bold strokes and deft use of a minimalistic color palette, Barr’s work is singular amongst his peers.

Comic artist and painter Phil Noto creates some of the most elegant portraits of remarkable women. With a keen eye for the female form and an uncanny ability to paint the most arresting eyes, Noto’s work is captivating. His comic book covers are among the best in the industry, and his gallery work is quickly becoming a favorite among both casual and serious collectors.

Colin Christian is world-renowned for his super-realistic and oversized sculptures. His remarkable masks have been exhibited all over the world, and his enormous full-body sculptures have stolen the show at fairs such as Art Basel Miami. A hyper-sexualized realization of futuristic longing and anime form, Christian’s work is flawless and impossible to look away from.

We hope to see you at Stranger Factory in July!

All three exhibits run July 5th – August 4th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Stranger Factory Presents: Phil Noto’s ‘A Certain Splendor’ 7.6

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It’s all in the details: the way he holds his jacket over his shoulder; the purse of her lips when aroused and wanting more. It’s a glint in the eyes or a crossing of arms. Comic book artist and painter Phil Noto is a master of subtlety; of revealing a subject’s true character through minute detail and candid expression.

Opening this Friday at Stranger Factory is Noto’s newest body of work, A Certain Splendor: a collection of paintings highlighting the aesthetic of the 1960s and ’70s. From casual moments, to vintage pinups, to images of things to come, these paintings feature beautiful women, handsome men, hard-boiled characters and the upper-class of a bygone era.

A Certain Splendor opens July 6th with an opening reception with the artist from 6pm to 9pm.


Phil Noto is an American comic book artist and painter whose work has been featured in and on the covers of numerous DC, Marvel and Dark Horse titles including Avengers, Batman, Batgirl, Jonah Hex and X-Men Origins. His fine art has been exhibited throughout the US.