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Candy Gore Lottery

– Candy Gore will be a random lottery opening night

– You can sign up for the lottery starting Friday, August 7th at 11am when Stranger Factory opens

– You may start viewing the opening of Candy Gore at 6pm August 7th

– Random drawing order to purchase work begins at 6:15pm August, 7th

– When your name is drawn, you may choose 1 piece of work by each artist: Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore totaling 2 pieces for your turn

– When all names have been drawn, a second round of names drawn will begin allowing 1 piece of work by each artist: Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore totaling 2 pieces second round

Candy Gore: Brandt Peters and Rich Montanari this August at Stranger Factory


 August brings vivid vinyl mayhem to Stranger Factory with:

Candy Gore

Featuring new work from
Rich Montanari and Brandt Peters!

Candy Gore is the first two-person exhibition featuring new works from internationally recognized toy designers and fine artists, Rich Montanari, owner/operator of Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and Brandt Peters, co-owner of Stranger Factory.
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Rich Montanari runs and operates his own toy production studio, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Toy Co. and serves as the lead sculptor, painter, and package designer. Having collected toys since childhood, and later customizing vinyl toys, it only made sense that Montanari would eventually create his own independent toy studio.

Brandt Peters co-runs and co-operates Stranger Factory as well as Circus Posterus, a toy production studio and fine art collective, with his partner and fellow toy designer, Kathie Olivas.

Candy Gore represents the fusion of the sweet and horrific, the alluring and grotesque. Peters and Montanari share a mutual appreciation for classic and contemporary horror, sci-fi and vintage circus themes with an affinity for the monster culture emulated in Japanese and American toys, as well as contemporary character design. Both artists create many of their figures through a traditional soft vinyl process known as “sofubi” which is slowly becoming a lost art. Sofubi vinyl is hand-casted by small, independent “mom and pop” factories in Japan, and while we call them “toys,” each piece is hand-painted by Montanari or Peters once delivered to the artists in the U.S., and transcends beyond the idea of a play thing to the celebrated art form of contemporary sculpture.

After two years in the works, Montanari and Peters will be officially releasing their new collaborative figures, “Sackhead” and “Ol’ Scratch” based off of their much sought after classic characters, “DX Dokruo Sludge Demon” (MVH) and “Stingy Jack” (Peters) for the Candy Gore exhibition. Both artists will be featuring an array of vividly hand-painted toys and custom designs of many of their time honored and much coveted figures, while Peters will also be exhibiting some 2D work (sketches and paintings) based on his classic characters, along with some new additions.

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November at Stranger Factory: Josh Herbolsheimer & Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

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ig_sf_nov_earthsquisitecorpse2014 Josh Herbolsheimer & Mutant Vinyl Hardcore November brings a stunning new solo exhibit, as well as a group kaiju exhibit! November 2014 brings us two new exhibits….a solo exhibit of new work by Josh Herbolsheimer, and a group kaiju exhibit curated by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore. Josh Herbolsheimer’s new solo exhibition, “Earthsquisite Corpse” brings the artist back to Stranger Factory for his first solo exhibition with us. His paintings have a unique, organic style that complement his toy design while giving each their own unique style and feel. Heavily influenced by his observations of nature and the elements, Herbolsheimer’s paintings deal delicately present us to the brutal indifference of natural forces. Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has curated “Nightmare Fuel”, a group exhibition of incredibly detailed hand-painted kaiju figures featuring Blobpus, Yatsuashi Shirahama, Blood Guts Toys, and Kagemaru of Dark Fantasy Undead Toys. These incredible custom-painted Japanese vinyl monsters feature hyper-detailed sculpting and paint and a subject matter that will burrow into your mind and revisit you in your nightmares long after the exhibit has closed. Press images and additional artist information are available upon request from our Press Manager. Both exhibits run November 14th – 30th, with an opening reception on Friday, November 14th from 6 – 9 PM. Some artists will be in attendance.

Stranger Factory 109 Carlisle Blvd NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 505-508-3049

Updates on the MVHxBrandt Peters Bag Head DX

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10471866_690800520969682_143175151_nRemember way back when, when we said there was a Brandt Peters x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore collaboration coming? We weren’t joking around, and now we’ve got an update on this bag headed bad boy!

Spotted over on MVH’s Instagram, we get this amazing glimpse into the work and the tag “Off the the motherland ya go little fella. But before you go, how about some glamor shots. Ta daaaa MVHxBrandt Peters Bag Head DX”

Oh, if it is going across the pond, that means the vinyl isn’t too far off in the future!

Can we fast forward now to the release?

Bring it on, fellas!



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BPxMVH2Brandt, you are killing us dude, seriously killing us. First, we see the Bag Head teaser last week and now this? Are you trying to give us heart palpitations?

All we know about this one is that Brandt is in cahoots with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore with a collaboration of sorts coming up. It looks like Brandt has designed a head for a MVH body while MVH has a head for a Stingy Jack body. Could this be more sofubi in the works?

As quickly as these teasers are popping, we should know soon!

Bag Head?

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BPxMVHBrandt Peters dropped the teaser bomb on us yesterday.

On his Facebook page, he posted this image labeled “Bag Head,” so we can tell you that Brandt has a collab coming with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Expect a flood of sofubi magic soon.

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, you say?

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1044259_594090003965134_1915688480_nWhat could this be? Is this a mashup by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore on a Brandt Peters Stingy Jack? Looks like a Sam Heinous head by MVH on the Stingy Jack body, and sprayed up by Lash, aka Rich Montanari Jr. There’s a pretty good chance that this will be showing up at “Lost Worlds” August 2, at Stranger Factory…



Lost Worlds: Creatures From Beyond

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August 2013 brings a new group exhibit to Stranger Factory featuring the incredible monsters of Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer, Stan Manoukian, Joe Merril, Goccodo, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.

LOST WORLDS showcases the incredible creatures of a variety of top monster makers in the pop surrealist, kaiju, and art toy fields. From the gleeful carousing of French artist Stan Manoukian’s alien creatures to the unsettling realism of Ohio artist James Groman’s sculpts, the roster for LOST WORLDS promises to provide creatures for all tastes.

The exhibit runs August 2nd – September 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, August 2nd from 6 – 9 PM.

PAUL KAIJU is a designer, sculptor, and painter working away at his kaiju creations in sunny San Diego, California. Known as much for his custom paint work as for his original toys such as Boss Carrion, Paul’s work is recognized as some of the best in the American Kaiju scene.

JAMES GROMAN is a sculptor, illustrator, and Toy & Animation Character Designer who has worked on everything from custom model kits to the famous Madball series. His work ranges from sculpts to comics to consumer goods, and his work is impeccable.

JOSH HERBOLSHEIMER is an artist, toy designer, and graphic designer in San Francisco. His paintings have a unique, organic style that complement his toy design while giving each their own unique style.

STAN MANOUKIAN is a Paris-based artist whose inhuman flora and fauna exude more personality and backstory than you can imagine from 2D drawings. With a truly unique eye for creature design, Manoukian’s creations are simply brilliant.

JOE MERRILL is a kaiju figure painter and toy designer whose work is quickly become a fan favorite among modern kaiju collectors. With original creations like the Diggler and the Cadaver Twins, Merrill’s work is a fresh voice in the modern kaiju industry.

GOCCODO is the working name for collaborative design by Japanese artists Shigeta and Shinpei Tanaka. With a whimsical and uniquely Japanese pop design sensibility, Goccodo brings a more childlike aesthetic to the Lost Worlds monster lineup.

MUTANT VINYL HARDCORE creates hyper detailed and gloriously disgusting modern kaiju figures. Designed in the US but manufactured in Japan, MVH bridges the gap between traditional Japanese monster making and the American desire for biggest, better, faster, and significantly more disgusting.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Mikee’s Mail Day: MVH’s Unpainted DX Sludge Demon!

So yes, I admittedly took a week off from mail, but that’s ’cause I was going toy wild at this year’s NYCC!! I will be posting a full Mikee’s Mail Day: NYCC Edition soon, but first I wanted to showcase one toy in particular:

To be completely honest, I love Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s DX Sludge Demon. I think it’s my favorite sculpt this year; it has this fun/creepy look that reminds me of the movie Ghoulies. Add the fact that I, too, am a very sick and twisted individual who was raised on horror movies and Misfits records, and you can see why this toy may be my soul mate. Rich Montanari Jr., the evil mastermind behind MVH, is a long lost brother from another mother!! Out of the four Sludge DX releases at NYCC (YES! Four! I bought five!), two were themed on horror movies. Did you read what I just wrote? Two were themed on horror movies!!! The header card art for the above “Chest Burster” is riddled with Alien references! I almost cried.

(I instead went back to the place I was crashing at and watched Prometheus, but I wanted to cry.)

It’s also worth noting that this release was coupled with a print by Scarecrowoven. The print is layered and gorgeous and terrifying.

With MVH ready to release a painted version of the DX Sludge Demon in the next month or so, I can’t wait to add to the MVH collection. It’s October, guys: embrace your inner Mikee and be creepy! Don’t sleep on something this awesome!

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!