Muckey Rookie Black now in stock in the CP Online Store!

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Now available in the Circus Posterus Online Store, Muckey “The Rookie Black”!

“This is the 8th version of the Muckey and is the 2nd year since we introduced this Muckey. We tried many different colors each time, and this time we choose to restore it’s cute and simple characteristics. We named it ”Rookie Black”

The Rookie Black wears a red scarf, and it fits perfectly on the Muckey. This is one of new idea for this Muckey. In this version, the teeth of the Rookie are designed to be interchangeable with 3 other different colors, available to change colors at any time.”

That isn’t all because we have secured a few of the uber rare 4th set of teeth you can put in your Rookie Black Muckey! this rare 4th set is limited to 50 worldwide, and we will randomly place a few in with orders!

Hurry, these will not last.

Order Muckey here.



Crayon Muckey at DesignerCon!

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One of the Circus Posterus’ family’s favourite toys of the past couple years has been the adorable and slightly creepy bear from InstinctoyMuckey. We are excited to let you know that we have partnered with Instinctoy for the convention, and we’ll be offering an exclusive early debut sale of the next Muckey colourway, the Crayon Muckey!
We’re absolutely enthralled with this Muckey version. As Instinctoy told us –
“We wanted this color way to be filled with joy, happiness ,and fun. That’s why this Muckey likes to draw things with crayons so much, he looks like a rainbow drew by crayon himself!
You can see his teeth just are like crayons, very cute colors. Usually we can’t use a strong color on his gums because it can be see through from the outside of his face. But this time, the neon yellow is match with the tomato red gums so well! This makes Crayon Muckey so bright and full of energy. The standard white flocking on his belly is now cream, which looks even better and high quality.”
The Crayon Muckey features a delightfully variegated glow-in-the-dark pattern and multicoloured teeth, and will be debuting this November at the Circus Posterus table at DesignerCon. Sales for Instinctoy’s Crayon Muckey will begin at 3:00pm Saturday, and at door opening on Sunday.
See you there!
DCON Muckey
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Fantasmic Muckey releases this Wednesday in the CP Store!

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Releasing this Wednesday, July 16th in the Circus Posterus Store, is the “Fantasmic Rainbow” Muckey!

We have a limited supply of this highly sought after piece from Instinctoy for $140. Standing 7.5” tall and featuring a multi-gradient spray in GID vinyl makes this Muckey truly fantasmic! As with all Muckeys, if you lift the head you’ll get a toothy surprise, and there is also one on its bum too.

Keep checking the Circus Posterus Store this Wednesday and be ready to F5!

We currently have these as “sold out” in the store, this will change when they are available on 7.16.14.