Monsters & Misfits II

KOxBPxCMR Mini Resin Set for Japan Sale + Info!

As part of the Japan sale comes the release of Circus Posterus’ first-ever mini resin set featuring familiar favourites: Kathie and Brandt’s Mini Masao Skelve (w/ ‘Boo’ style mask) and Chris Ryniak’s Bubblegut and Crumbeater. Dimensionally speaking, the Mini Skelve appears unchanged, but the usually 6-inch Bubblegut has shrunk a few inches (Minigut?), as has the Crumbeater. A Mini Skelve is 4.25 inches tall, to give you an idea of scale.

As mentioned, these will be available for CP’s Japan fundraiser for $135 + shipping. They’re an edition of 66 pieces and will only be available as a set (take heed!). The sale is slated for either April 2nd or April 3rd — I’ll lean on the horn as soon as KO&BP cement a date.


8″ Honey Elizabeth from Kathie Olivas for Pre-Japan Sale

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In among the recent batch of Monsters & Misfits teaser pics from CP’s Instagram was a lone picture of a Honey Elizabeth hangin’ out with some insectuals. Well, I have some good news about this little lady: she’s a new edition and will be offered to fans on this side of the globe as part of the pre-Japan sale slated for next week. Run size is 30 pieces and pricing is TBA, but if it’s in line with last summer’s Plasma release, expect her to be around $100. Sweet.

Family Portrait Time in the Monster Studio

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Chris Ryniak continues with the Monsters & Misfits teasers with snaps of some choice pieces here. Loving the group shot and the smiley fella down below; I wonder what treats he had to dangle in front of the camera to get them to sit still … ;)

Monsters & Misfits II is a Circus Posterus group exhibition featuring new works from Chris Ryniak, Doktor A., Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Amanda Louise Spayd. Hosted by Tomenosuke-syoten and the Kusakabe Folk Museum, the exhibition is on display April 13th through April 26th.

Misfits Touch Down in Japan and M&MII Preview Info!

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Mr. Shinji Nakako over at Tomenosuke-syoten received a most wondrous box of sculptural beauty from Brandt and Kathie a few days ago. Looks like everything arrived safely, which is a relief (though not a surprise: KO = Uline Queen). Feel free to scroll, stare, lick the screen, etc. I’ll wait.

… OK, the next important thing is the highly anticipated preview info, direct from the Tomenosuke blog:

Local collectors attending the exhibition on April 13th get first crack. Afterwards, all remaining pieces will be available online at midnight on April 14th, Japan time. North Americans, this will be the Saturday morning for you — queue up that time zone calculator! More info will be released as we near the date!

Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.


More Monsters from Kathie and Brandt

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The landslide of Monsters & Misfits teasers continue, with this batch coming from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. I’m digging the four-legged Masao cat, the Pink Bird and Lucky Lolli, but Brandt’s custom orange Kuma totally steals this round. The cartoon-style gloves, bronze Stingy Jack staff and painted eyes bring such character to the sculpt and the overall engineering behind it is fantastic.

Ha, this is cool — almost like a Lucky Skull set in jello. We’ve seen Brandt and Kathie experiment with embedding objects in the past (remember the Freyja? How bout this guy?), and I’m hoping the idea comes around more frequently. It’s impressive how snugly the Lucky Skull fits and the congealed look of the resin around the skull adds a cool haziness.

Since the Living Between Worlds show at G1988 two years ago, I’ve ached to see more of these wild branch mutations. Finally the ‘gloves’ on Elizabeth make sense — they’re more twig-like than anything, and damn, with branches like that she must stand at least 12 to 14 inches. Beautiful piece (and seems Pink Bird agrees!).

Monsters & Misfits II is presented by Tomenosuke-syoten and the Kusakabe Folk Museum. The exhibition kicks off April 13th in Takayama, Japan.


Mini Honey Skelves from KO & BP and Pre-Japan Sale Info

The newest addition to the Skelve family is the Mini Honey Skelve, who made his debut last week as part of Japan pre-release sale with Tomenosuke-syoten. Needless to say, these — along with all of the other editions — sold out in less than a minute and left fans on this side of the globe wondering when they’d get their hands on these golden grails. Well, good news: CP’s having a Japan fundraising sale as soon as the rest of the stock shows up. Here’s the lowdown straight from KO:

The minis: Once we get this show shipped out we’ll be painting the next round of mini masks for these guys–12 will be chase versions similar to the dark one in the picture (above right)…

We will start selling our Japan Fundraiser items as soon as they all arrive—hopefully next week!
Without ruining too much of the surprise we will be offering a limited number of the following:

5 print set (8×10″ screen prints) featuring Amanda, CMR, Dok A, BP, KO
Honey minis (ed. 100)
CMR tshirt (to be revealed)
Mini resin set (tba)
+ a few surprises…

Folks, it’s time again to spend our allowances. More info as soon as it’s released!

Custom Elizabeths & Stingy Jacks from KO & BP for Monsters & Misfits II

After documenting much of the M&MII progress via their Instagram account, Kathie surprised fans on Flickr with two beautiful shots of custom Elizabeth and Stingy Jack sculpts that are getting ready for their long trek to Japan. The vintage-style wash against the rich colors is striking. I also thought it clever that the duo used a similar palette on all of Brandt’s Stingy Jacks: the heads on these figures are interchangeable and it plays to that well.

Monsters & Misfits II kicks off April 13th and runs through April 30th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.