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Two more from James Groman

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We are only a few hours away from seeing all the monster goodness in the “Lost Worlds” preview, and just over 24 hours way from the stellar opening at Stranger Factory! Time to keep up the amazing line of teasers with two more paintings from the remarkable James Groman.  

One painting is a Madball styled interplanetary being, while the other is a father and son monster moment ala Godzilla and Godzilla Jr. Speaking of Godzilla, what is lurking between the two canvases? Besides the monsters coming alive from the canvas, the paint is brilliant and really pops.

You can see these pieces in person at “Lost Worlds” opening August 2nd at Stranger Factory featuring the incredible monsters of Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer, Stan Manoukian, Joe Merril, Goccodo, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.

More Splurrt!

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More SplurrtWho doesn’t need more Spurrt in their life? Well, we all need more Splurrt, and opening this week  “Lost Worlds” at Stranger Factory will have enough for almost everybody!

Joe Merril aka Splurrt will have 20 one offs at the show (a few seen above) along with other greats like Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Goccodo, Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, and more. This show will feature numerous 3D sculpts, paintings, and more monsters than my nightmares have ever encountered. A show for the kaiju record books!


It’s Kondo time!

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Stan Manoukian is an incredible painter and illustrator, but his foray into vinyl toys has been just as stunning! We are happy to present an opportunity to pick up some of his toys as part of the Lost Worlds show – below are some of his Kondo colourways which will be available.



Of course, there will also be a special Stranger Factory colourway in our favourite vintage Halloweeney colours…we’ll show you that one real soon!

“Lost Worlds” opens this Friday, August 2 at Stranger Factory!

Astro Unkotsu by Goccodo for “Lost Worlds”

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IMG_1256People were asking for us to drop something fresh, and we listened with “Astro Unkotsu” by Goccodo! This is a brand new sofubi that just popped out of the mold last week, and now it just waits for the illustrious paint application from Shige-san. Without getting detail from the crew themselves, we are not totally sure what the swirled brain skull is on top (hoping for ice cream), but we do love astronaut themed releases with rayguns!


The finished version will be ready to blast off at “Lost Worlds” opening this Friday, August 2 at Stranger Factory.


Bruise Carrion and Biter Jack by Paul Kaiju

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Bruise Carrion and Biter JackTo get every one amped up for “Lost Worlds” and the Paul Kaiju workshop “Mini-Figure Sculpting“, we are stoked to show you two more pieces for the exhibit, Bruise Carrion and Biter Jack!

You will notice that these two creations are definitely the heads from Paul’s kaiju world but the bodies are that of a familiar Circus Posterus sofubi – Stingy Jack! Adorned with Paul’s masterful painting application. the colors stand out and the forms fit perfectly to equal stellar one of a kind pieces!

We will reveal more soon from “Lost Worlds”, so keep checking back!



Splurrt brings on the Cadaver Kids to “Lost Worlds”

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SplurrtLook at those cute eyes, bloody stitches, and a smile that looks straight out of my gross anatomy lab! We now have some images of Cadaver Kids that the almighty Splurrt (Joe Merrill) is bringing to “Lost Worlds” at Stranger Factory.  

The exhibit is going to be legendary for all fans of kaiju and beyond with Splurrt and all the artists bringing their A-games! The paint detail on the Cadaver Kids alone is exceptional, but when you add in all this collective talent in one place, prepare for Cthulhu himself to come down and stop all the awesomeness from stealing his spotlight! You have been warned!



Mutant Vinyl Hardcore, you say?

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1044259_594090003965134_1915688480_nWhat could this be? Is this a mashup by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore on a Brandt Peters Stingy Jack? Looks like a Sam Heinous head by MVH on the Stingy Jack body, and sprayed up by Lash, aka Rich Montanari Jr. There’s a pretty good chance that this will be showing up at “Lost Worlds” August 2, at Stranger Factory…



Stan Manoukian’s watercolours in progress

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Stan Manoukian’s one of our favourite new artists here at Stranger Factory, and we’ll be bringing you a one-two punch of Manoukian’s wondrous monsters in the next few months. Not only will he be presenting his work at our Lost Worlds group show in August, releasing a Stranger Factory colourway of his Kondo figure, but his monsters will also be travelling to Japan for Monsters and Misfits III! So much Stan, so little time!

For now, take a peek at some of the watercolours in progress that Stan is whipping up for the Lost Worlds show. No matter whether you like them blobby or scaley or spikey or horned, Stan has a monster for you!

stan4 stan3 stan1



A tiny peek into James Groman’s studio

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We love getting to peek inside artist studios, so we were pretty stoked to see some of James Groman’s studio shots! James is part of our giant awesome monster show in August(or awesome giant monster show, whichever you prefer), and is a terrific monster sculptor, and from the looks of his studio, a pretty nerdy dude(the way we like it).

These shots show off his incredible painting skills on that gigantic monster skull, and we will be dropping a few better pictures of the other paintings hiding in the background real soon!


Lost Worlds opens August 2nd at Stranger Factory featuring the incredible monsters of Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer, Stan Manoukian, Joe Merril, Goccodo, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.

Lost Worlds: Creatures From Beyond

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August 2013 brings a new group exhibit to Stranger Factory featuring the incredible monsters of Paul Kaiju, James Groman, Josh Herbolsheimer, Stan Manoukian, Joe Merril, Goccodo, and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore.

LOST WORLDS showcases the incredible creatures of a variety of top monster makers in the pop surrealist, kaiju, and art toy fields. From the gleeful carousing of French artist Stan Manoukian’s alien creatures to the unsettling realism of Ohio artist James Groman’s sculpts, the roster for LOST WORLDS promises to provide creatures for all tastes.

The exhibit runs August 2nd – September 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, August 2nd from 6 – 9 PM.

PAUL KAIJU is a designer, sculptor, and painter working away at his kaiju creations in sunny San Diego, California. Known as much for his custom paint work as for his original toys such as Boss Carrion, Paul’s work is recognized as some of the best in the American Kaiju scene.

JAMES GROMAN is a sculptor, illustrator, and Toy & Animation Character Designer who has worked on everything from custom model kits to the famous Madball series. His work ranges from sculpts to comics to consumer goods, and his work is impeccable.

JOSH HERBOLSHEIMER is an artist, toy designer, and graphic designer in San Francisco. His paintings have a unique, organic style that complement his toy design while giving each their own unique style.

STAN MANOUKIAN is a Paris-based artist whose inhuman flora and fauna exude more personality and backstory than you can imagine from 2D drawings. With a truly unique eye for creature design, Manoukian’s creations are simply brilliant.

JOE MERRILL is a kaiju figure painter and toy designer whose work is quickly become a fan favorite among modern kaiju collectors. With original creations like the Diggler and the Cadaver Twins, Merrill’s work is a fresh voice in the modern kaiju industry.

GOCCODO is the working name for collaborative design by Japanese artists Shigeta and Shinpei Tanaka. With a whimsical and uniquely Japanese pop design sensibility, Goccodo brings a more childlike aesthetic to the Lost Worlds monster lineup.

MUTANT VINYL HARDCORE creates hyper detailed and gloriously disgusting modern kaiju figures. Designed in the US but manufactured in Japan, MVH bridges the gap between traditional Japanese monster making and the American desire for biggest, better, faster, and significantly more disgusting.

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