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Weekly Roundup May 16 – 30!

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smallNot in tune with our social media outlets? Well, we got a wrap up for you to sing your shiny teeth into!

This week, we showcased many works in progress from the talented artists gracing our June exhibitions “Vagaries” and “Transfigure“. We get a small look into what Carisa Swenson, Kelly Denato, Michelle Lynch, and Katie Carillo have in the works.

To catch up, flip through the gallery.


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Weekly Roundup May 12 – 16!

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10296715_1431186700468742_1162862585_nIf you haven’t kept up with our social media outlets, we got a roundup on some things you may have missed.

We covered a lot of the development and works in progress from all the artists in the upcoming Vagaries group show at Stranger Factory. To put it simple, Carisa Swenson, Michele Lynch, Kelly Denato, and Allison Sommers are on fire.

Now for the proof:

Carisa has been sculpting like mad the past few months for the show, and we get to see some nice hands and jackalopes in progress.
Hands for Digging

Michele Lynch has also been putting her sculpting tools to their utmost potential. Look at the flowers and bird details.


Kelly Denato gave us a little taste of her paintings underway.
10296979_790625104283476_1138439470_nWe also got to see the magnificent work from Allison Sommers!

We will have plenty more developments next week from all the artists, and some new exciting work from Katie Carillo.
Keep watching!

“Vagaries”  opens June 6th and run through July 6th, with an opening reception on Friday, June 6th from 6 – 9 PM.
Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


A closelook into Kelly Denato’s Winter Salon III work

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CaptureWe weren’t kidding when we said “a close look” at Kelly Denato’s work. As she puts it, “It’s not just another pretty accessory, my magnifying pendant comes in handy time to time”.

This is a true teaser of an image with close ups and no follow up image – like the movie trailer you see during December for a summer blockbuster film in July. We love tiny work, and as soon as we can get more on what Kelly Denato has in store for us at Winter Salon III (with magnifying glass or not), we will get them to you pronto.

The Great Escape: More Sneaks & Preview Info!

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The online preview for The Great Escape will go live on Sat., April 7th, HERE! Requests will only be accepted via email. Absolutely no sales will be taken over the phone, though you’re welcome to call if you have any questions.

We will begin accepting online inquiries on Mon., April 9th, starting at 12 noon PST. Requests may only be sent to strangerfactorysales @ Full instructions will be outlined on the preview page so stay tuned. Good luck!

Andrew Bell Discusses ‘The Great Escape’

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The world of Escape has been without sustainable natural resources for generations, over the years it has slowly become a closed system. The sole remaining source of energy for the inhabitants of Escape is that which is contained within themselves and their existing ecosystem. The ancients of Escape devised a system to harvest that energy which is then stored in liquid and crystalline forms for redistribution. Any waste of that energy, either through malicious actions or accidental deaths, is considered most shameful.

Citizens of Escape are expected to make an honorable sacrifice of their own energy to be harvested at the end of their lives, some families may even sacrifice their youngest children if they are unable to support their existing energy needs. Consume more energy than you are worth, and soon you or your loved ones are marked for judgement.

 A thriving black market energy trade endangers the future of Escape.

On a personal level, the themes and imagery of “the Great Escape” chronicles some of my attempts to free myself from the disabling traps of past emotions and memories, to accept a new reality, and to move on from a love and a life left behind.

 The Great Escape opens Friday, April 6th, with a reception from 6 to 9pm.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

This double show also features the work of Kelly Denato, and her own personal take on the title “The Great Escape”.

[via Creatures In My Head]

This Week, We Make Our Escape!

First Friday is fast approaching in the Duke City which means the opening of our next exhibition: Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato’s The Great Escape! How ’bout some fresh visual stimuli to continue on with the goodness from last week? Above! Love, death and life collide in a beautiful painting from Kelly, while things get a little heated in a sketch from Andrew, below.

The Great Escape opens THIS FRIDAY at the Factory! Both artists will be hanging out with us for the reception from 6pm to 9pm — stop by for the show and stay for the shenanigans!

Sneaks from Andrew Bell for ‘The Great Escape’ @ Stranger Factory April 6th

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The other artist making his great escape to Stranger Factory next month is none other than keen creature wrangler, Andrew Bell. His tragicomical illustrations, otherworldly monster sculptures and designer toy lines have garnered him international attention; his distinct aesthetic has made him one of the most interesting artists to watch in the lowbrow/pop surrealist and art toy scene. Though he’s spent many hours holed away in the studio, quietly creating some Great Escape magic with fellow exhibitor Kelly Denato (her sneaks here), he’s also been kind enough to throw us the odd tweet or two to feed our curiosity. Have a look below at what the last two months have looked like in Dead Zebra Studios!

The Great Escape opens April 6th through the 30th at Stranger Factory in Albuquerque, NM. Reception with the artists on opening night from 6pm to 9pm!



Kelly Denato Preps for ‘The Great Escape’ @ Stranger Factory April 6th

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Since early February, Kelly Denato has been plugging away at The Great Escape — her two-person exhibition with Andrew Bell, opening next month at Stranger Factory. We’ve all had the rare fortune of watching Kelly create this show, essentially from start to finish, via her Twitter account: from beautifully simplistic drawings to elegant paintings and whimsical sculpts, she’s produced what is arguably her best work to date. Compiled here is a visual scrapbook of the last two months in Studio  ‘Doomnato’ — the canvases, the lumps of clay … the cocktails and animal crackers. It’s all here.

And for those who are curious of the tally so far: “7 paintings, 6 sculptures, and 11 drawings just about ready to go… I can finally see an end in sight! (Sort of…) G’nite!”

(Go, Kelly!)

The Great Escape opens April 6th and runs through April 30th. Reception with the artists on opening night from 6 to 9pm!


Stranger Factory Presents: Andrew Bell & Kelly Denato’s THE GREAT ESCAPE, April 6th

Ladies, gents, freaks, geeks and neighbourhood gentle giants! I hope you’ve been saving your pennies because April is turning into quite the big deal here in CP land. You’ve been hearing plenty about Circus Posterus’ Japan group exhibition, Monsters & Misfits II, along with Amanda Louise Spayd’s solo show, Forgotten Finery, at Rivet Gallery. But it doesn’t stop there: crashing smack-dab in the middle of the action is The Great Escape from Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato, kicking off April 6th at Stranger Factory. The dynamic duo are blowing into town to show off their newest 2- and 3-dimension works and given the WIPs and teasers that have been circulating around the web these past few weeks, it’s going to be a doozy (fingers crossed for no site crashes this round!). Here’s a snippet from the press release:

The debilitating feeling of heartbreak; the self-destructive spiral of past emotions and memories; the overwhelming feeling of social suffocation — they’re the less gracious experiences in life that we all inevitably encounter and Andrew Bell and Kelly Denato bring them to the fore in The Great Escape – an exhibition of new drawings, paintings and sculptures from the Brooklyn-based artists.

Combining tragic humor and delicate elegance, the artists wade the terrain of a new reality: a reality of pushing forward after shedding the skin of a previous life – be it a love left behind or old fears and insecurities now put to rest.

Many creatures in nature possess innate defense mechanisms – poison, quills, ink, spots, stripes, white winter coats. People on the other hand must create them. Oftentimes it’s not a predator we are trying to evade but ourselves; we are bundles of electricity, blood, and spirit – constantly moving, feeling, thinking, sweating, breathing. Our bodies are both containment and confinement.  The circumstances that keep us contained, confined, and safe are as thin and delicate as ribbons. – Kelly Denato

Very exciting stuff is in store for us next month! Enjoy the handful of Great Escape preview images below and stay tuned for more sneaks in the coming days!