Jared Joslin

Jessica & Jared Joslin at Bewitching III

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Now this is a treat, Jessica and Jared Joslin are contributing to the Bewitching III group show at Stranger Factory!
Both being widely acclaimed artists, Jessica is known for her wonderful mechanical menagerie of beast sculptures while Jared is a surrealist painter of eerie and narrative scenes. Both fit it with our eccentric oddities quite well.
Joslin_Gulliver2For Bewitching, Jessica has created yet another jaw dropping sculpture named “Gulliver”. Remember this is a Halloween-esque show, so look close. Yes, that is a skunk wearing an armadillo costume! Made of integrated antique hardware, brass, bone, velvet, armadillo shell,
glove leather, and glass eyes, he is all treat and no tricks!

Jared Joslin’s piece for the show is the 12″x9″ “Fallen Angel”. A remarkable painting on linen, this is a fallen from grace Grim Geaper that is cast aside from his duties. I keep looking at this work and finding new things I love about it from the one missing shoe to the graceful falling descent. Love it!

You can see both Jared and Jessica’s pieces on display at Stranger Factory when Bewitching III opens October 11.