Custom Octopus Girl from Chris Ryniak for M&MII

Aww. We’ve got another heartbreaker on our hands here from Chris Ryniak for Monsters & Misfits II. Believe it or not, this was an Octopus Girl at one point (which was a KO Elizabeth … yes: a custom that was editioned and then customized again. Crazy!), and it seems she’s acquired a set of Bubblegut feet. The eyes on this one knocks my socks off; I’m always amazed at the amount of life they imbue that I half expect her to blink. And do her moles remind anyone else of Cadbury Mini Eggs?


Travis Louie & Travis Lampe for Dark Pop 4 @ Last Rites

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CP’s own Travis Louie and Travis Lampe are both exhibiting new works in Dark Pop 4, a group exhibition that opened this weekend at Last Rites Gallery in NYC. Louie’s ‘Jeff and Jim’ is a gorgeous, 10″ x 8″ acrylic on board piece, while Lampe’s tragically funny ‘The Dedeodander’ is a 12″ x 12″ acrylic on wood (below). Email Copro Gallery at copronason@msn.com for availability.

Other artists on the bill include Alexandra Pacula, Ana Bagayan, Annie Owens, Becca, Brian Despain, Cathie Bleck, Charles Wish, Chrystal Chan, Dark Vomit, Dave MacDowell, Eric Richardson, Franceso De Molfetta, Isabel Samaras, Jennybird Alcantara, Joe Vaux, John Brophy, Mark Elliott, Mark Garro, Mascorro, Matt Dangler, Niagara, TIN and Yoko d’Holbachie. Show’s on until April 8th. Click through for more info!

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New Sneaks from Kathie Olivas for M&MII

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So Circus Posterus is on Instagram now, in case you missed the memo, and what better way to incite irrational excitement amongst the fans than debut with some insanely beautiful teasers of pieces for Monsters & Misfits II? I swear Kathie does this to us on purpose. Anyway, let’s have a look. Above: an aproned Elizabeth whose gloves admittedly have me curious, along with the fact that she seems abnormally tall (maybe this teaser will jog your memory?). Really loving the aged treatment on this one, as well. In behind we have an encrusted masked Lizzie — scroll down a bit …

Ah, there we are. Anyone else still aching for the production release of the Masked Elizabeth? I know, such a beaut. This particular disguised crusader is a Lizzie and she’s rockin’ some serious rocks. (And bling!) The encrusted look is really starting to grow on me; I’m a fan of the white gems, which we’ll see more of in a bit. Oh, and the bunny plush is just for show — a gift from a fellow CP boardie. Pretty, ain’t it? Seems Lizzie has found a sidekick!

Ok, everyone back off: I call dibs on this one. This is a custom Bear Hood Lizzie, complete with lolli and all kinds of wicked, hand-sculpted elements. Love the hands, the zipper mouth, the hat … and that empty gaze. Ho boy. Just lovely.

Here be the aforementioned white gem bedazzled lady. This one is still a work in progress so no full reveals yet, but she’s interesting: kind of a marionette vibe going on here with two slits running down the sides of her mouth. And a wicked wooden cart. Word has it she’ll also be decked out with her own Brandt Peters skeleton pit crew (they’re on lunch break).

And last, but certainly not least … ladies and gentlemen: new Kumas are coming!!

More info to come! Monsters & Misfits II opens April 13th at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan.

Fake Candy You’d Eat Anyway

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It appears that, aside from perfumery and critter creation, Ms. Amanda Spayd is quite the keen faux confectioner. Yes, they are fake: resin, in fact. I’m telling you, she’d be a star window dresser, this gal. The sweets are part of the Monsters & Misfits II exhibition in Japan, opening April 13th. Ice cream, cantlers, resin candies … the craving’s are runnin’ rampant!

Stranger Factory Presents: Joe Capobianco’s ‘Blood Puddin’ & Marie Sena’s ‘Dark Ages’ March 2

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Stranger Factory is turning up the heat this March with a double bill from tattoo artists Joe Capobianco and Marie Sena!

Dripping sex and violence to the tune of modern horror, world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco presents a wicked re-imagining of the classic 50s pin-up with Blood Puddin’. Coined the ‘Capo Girl,’ these dark and dangerous dames flaunt their assets, wearing little more than devil horns, razor-sharp nails and a bloody-fanged grin. Sexualized and fantastical, Blood Puddin’ brings a whole new attitude to cheesecake.

Running concurrently is Dark Ages, from local artist Marie Sena. A tattooist and illustrator from Santa Fe, her work is a collision of ‘golden age’ tattoos from the early twentieth century and contemporary illustration. Coupled with a degree in medical illustration, Marie has carved a distinct style of image making. Largely premised in dark, ominous and dangerous settings, Marie’s work explores the pin-up, flora and fauna, Hispanic culture and religious motifs.

Blood Puddin’ and Dark Ages open March 2nd with a reception from 6pm to 9pm. Both artists will be in attendance!

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Circus: Folke Online Preview is Up!

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The preview for Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger’s CIRCUS: FOLKE is now online for your peeping pleasure! Take the weekend to look everything over and draft your emails; the request period opens this Monday, Feb. 6th @ noon PST! All instructions are outlined on the preview page so please read them carefully.

Good luck to everyone looking to acquire some artsy artifacts of circuses past and congratulations to the sisters for a stellar exhibition!

Monsters & Misfits II – A First Look

This April marks the one-year anniversary of Monsters & Misfits, a three-person exhibition by Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters and Chris Ryniak that took place at the Kusakabe Folk Museum in Takayama, Japan. It was an exhibition that birthed some of the most challenging, influential, and beautiful works in the careers of these artists; an exhibition that they were unable to attend; an exhibition that helped raise $16,000 for disaster relief. Monsters & Misfits boosted the morale of the townspeople, helped rebuild a devastated city and reminded everyone of the healing power of art. It was prolific in all aspects.

And this year, we go bigger.

Circus Posterus returns to Japan this April for Monsters & Misfits II, a group show featuring new works from the original three artists, as well as Amanda Louise Spayd and Doktor A. Hosted for a second year by Tomenosuke-Syoten at the Kusakabe Folk Museum, the opening takes place on the eve of the Takayama Spring Festival, April 13th.

We kick things off with a progress shot from Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters. Delight yourselves in discussion! There’s plenty more to come.

Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger talk Circus:Folke

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In anticipation of their exhibition at Stranger Factory in just under two weeks, artist sisters Miss Mindy and CJ Metzger were gracious enough to share a few words with us about Circus:Folke! Have a read and discover their pasts, artistic passions and the types of works they’re preparing for our oh-so-fortunate eyes. Enjoy!


The circus has always been an inspiration to me, maybe because I feel like I belong in one. The gaudy glitz of it all, the silly faces and the animals that I would love to see in my own bizarro traveling show. If I could create a circus that was miniature, and hidden in some crazy little forest, surround by cotton candy eating munchkins and pixies in killer outfits, that would be the bees knees.

I decided to mix all my artistic ‘loves’ in one pot for this one …. Inkwork, sculpture and painting. I’ve created some special little ‘players’ that have their own story to tell and show a taste of the imaginary circus in my head. It’s been in there since I was kid. My sister and I would put on parades, adorn out trikes with flags, and dress up in silly outfits from ‘The crazy dress up drawer.’ I guess you can say I never really grew up, and am happy to share that with you.


I was born of circus folk – not from tight rope walkers or sword eaters – but raised in a household buzzing with eclectic, eccentric and creative band of artists, inventors, teachers, and actors that shaped my world. From an early age, all that gorgeous and weird stuff that they generated was just part of my every day visual experience. You grow up in that environment, and you can’t help it – it’s in your blood for good.

In my first show with sister Miss Mindy titled “le monde est une cirque” (the world is a circus), over ten years ago, I began expressing my views about the world through these hybrid girl and animal creatures and characters, and from there, developed a love for using these folk portraits to tell stories and document feelings. Elements of “Circus” have always remained in my work, but for this show in particular, I imagined my perfect circus would be a band of the artists, inventors, and actors – shown as hybrid human animal characters, performing/existing in beautiful, theatrical, and unusual ways – all with unique backstories. Here, I was compelled to create work that both delights and sadden the senses, that evokes a sense of theatricality and that reveals these characters as the unique, beautifully adorned, revered, or misunderstood characters they are.

They are modern folk portraits, telling stories in their tattoos, their costumes, and their sometimes precarious predicaments – perhaps not so different than us all.

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Chris Ryniak’s ‘Baby Blewgle’ for ‘Year of the Dragon’ @ Dragatomi 2.11

Ah, man. Chris Ryniak’s pieces serve as a continual reminder that I will never be immune to cuteness. There’s just no way. Such a woeful pout on this guy, wowee … I wonder if something is seriously troubling him or if it’s the same look your dog gives you when he doesn’t get the last bite of your sandwich. The lowered ears and look of torment are dead on.


‘Baby Blewgle’ is a custom Stitch that Chris prettied up for Dragatomi’s Year of the Dragon exhibition, opening Feb. 11th. Good luck to everyone looking to adopt this little beast. Info on this show is still emerging, so keep checking back! More pics after the break.

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