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The cold winter brings new Dust Bunnies by Amanda Louise Spayd

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Boomerang2__SMThe winter has been long and cold so far, but luckily for us, that gives Amanda Louise Spayd time to create a new assortment of brilliant Dust Bunnies for Circus Posterus’  “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi in Chicago.  Even Boomerang above is thrilled to be going to Chicago (mostly for pizza).

Alright, onward to Amanda’s amazing work –





Circus Posterus’ “Traveling Circus” at Rotofugi opens February 15 through March 9th. 

Amanda Louise Spayd’s Resin Dust Bunnies

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1cfbb038fa4311e29ad222000a1f97a2_7By the looks of Amanda Louise Spayd’s Instagram feed, it looks like she is creating a low budget horror movie or making some of the finest chocolate confections this side of Switzerland. In fact, these drippy, wide-eye, chocolate looking creations are the first ever resin Dust Bunnies slated for release at Monsters & Misfits III

Amanda is still working on finalizing a name for them, but we know she will think up something clever. The two toothed bunnies stand 8 inches tall and are solid resin. Amanda is hard at work casting and painting them all by hand. Most for MMIII will be festooned with hats, ruffles, etc. that we all have come to love with Amanda’s creations. Did we mention that all the ones she is doing right now have glass eyes too?

So far, Amanda has no plans for a massive run of these since they are exhausting to create all by herself – as you can tell, she’s even using her fridge to cool down her sculpting clay! The goal is for 4-8 to be done for MMIII in Japan with a few saved up for later. Honestly, we can’t wait to see what the finished painted product looks like because the development pics are already outstanding (and look like glazed doughnuts and chocolate bunnies).

5bc8c28af63b11e2b2e322000a1f9a5c_7See it looks like a chocolate bunny!!!

Click the jump to see more of what goes into creating these resin Dust Bunnies

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Amanda Louise Spayd’s Dust Bunnies at SDCC!

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Dust bunny1

Waiting to crawl out from under your bed and into the superhero spotlight, Amanda Louise Spayd’s Dust Bunnies are coming to the San Diego Comic Con

Amanda is planning on bringing four one-of-a-kind Dust Bunnies to the convention, along with the Bumbles we told you about earlier. Now we see what Amanda was up to with those keys and keyholes, but what have these Dust Bunnies been up to with those dirty paws?


Amanda and the rest of the Circus Posterus misfits will be taking over Cardboard Spaceship’s booth #5346 on Saturday, July 20th. If you missed it, here is where you can find the artist schedules and release info.

Wanna see the other two Dust Bunnies? Click more!

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More Bumble news for SDCC

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160397bce40111e2829f22000ae9027d_7Amanda Louise Spayd is diligently working her fingers down to tiny, but adorable, nubs getting things in order for San Diego Comic Con 2013! As we reported before, the first edition from the her newly named Dust Bunnies line is a plush bee of epic cuteness named Bumble. Amanda is putting the final stuffing inside and stitches around the seams on only 10 of these little stingers for the CP takeover of Cardboard Spaceship’s booth #5346 on Saturday, July 20th. Yep, you read correctly, 10 of these bee-autiful darlings are coming to San Diego(priced at $125), but have no fear, the rest of the hive will be in her online store later after she recovers from SDCC.

We will be releasing the details on exactly when lucky attendees can get a Bumble at SDCC shortly, so just keep watching the blog, and we will be showing you some more treats in store for the con from Amanda and other CP artists.