New Wintery Friends from Amanda Louise Spayd for Circus Annual, 12.7

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Amanda Louise Spayd is bringing the chill of winter to Circus Annual tomorrow with a batch of new custom plushes, each inspired by the season’s elements. From top, say hello to Blizzard, Drift and Sleet, three of six critters that will be on exhibit. Each is entirely hand sewn, sculpted and painted by Amanda, so every detail is unique, right down to the uber perdy forehead embellishment.

Looking to add one of these gnarly-toothed dudes to your collection? You’re certainly not alone: be sure to sign up for Stranger Factory’s newsletter and keep an eye on your inbox this weekend for the preview and purchasing instructions. Circus Annual opens tomorrow (Dec. 7th) with reception from 6 to 9pm. Show’s on until the end of the month!

New Friends from Amanda Louise Spayd for ‘Origins of the Forest’, 9.7

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Amanda Louise Spayd’s Instagram teasers (@amandalouisespayd) continue to trickle out in anticipation of her solo show, Origins of the Forest, opening this Friday at myplasticheart. Faux fur has never looked so good.

The reception will take place this Friday from 6pm to 9pm. Amanda will be there! For those looking to pick up a little guy from this show (who wouldn’t?!), be sure to sign up the for mailing list by emailing: previewme@myplasticheart.comThe critters will have full run of the gallery until October 7th.

Mandi’s Critters Prepare for the Carnaval

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For Le Carnaval des Spectres, Amanda Louise Spayd will have an assortment of her signature dumpy dudes, likely of various sizes, shapes and smiles. She’s kept mum over progress pics so far, but recently dropped these two hypnotic little faces. Totally digging the soul-sucking eyes.

One of the perks of Mandi recently acquiring an iPhone is that she’s on Instagram (@amandalouisespayd). Instagram means delicious, visual stimuli: we get a daily dose of Mandi’s discerning, rustic-antiquey-freaky taste, and also further insight into her artistic process, which we rarely, if ever, see. Look, Ma! It’s Easy-Bake!

The below image has got to be one of my favourite progress pics from her. And not because it reminds me of cut Pillsbury cookies from the tube, but I had no idea that this is how it all starts. They’re so … flat! Ya learn something new every day.

More eye candy to come!

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens Sept. 13 through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France.

‘Raccoon #2’ from Scott Radke

New from Scott Radke is Raccoon #2, a new, whimsical clay sculpture. Covered in sprayed burlap and featuring a hand painted clay face, the freestanding Raccoon #2 (here’s #1) stands 18″ and is 13″ wide.

He’s available on Scott’s site as we speak. Shoot him a line at to make adoption arrangements!

(Sickeningly) Cute Charms and Pendants from Amanda Louise Spayd + A Secret Project …

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Is this not the sweetest thing on the planet?! We’re talkin’ instant toothache as soon as you set eyes on it. Brand new from Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd is a series of acrylic critter charms and pendants that will be available via her webstore very soon. For all you ABQ locals, you can also grab them at Stranger Factory.

The pendants are yet to be revealed, but the Bee charms (above) are double-sided and have a 1-inch wingspan. They’re a run of 100, price to be announced!

And who’s this little lady? Mandi tweeted her yesterday, with a promise of ‘more info soon.’ I have no idea what she’s for, but stylistically she’s right in line with the charms and Mandi’s recent antique pendants (which sold out in like 5 minutes).

Then there’s this little blue beaut, who’s destined to be a collaboration with A Little Stranger for a certain special something. ALS x ALS? Don’t mind if I do!

And special something? Why, that sounds vaguely familiar … hmm ;)

Updates to come, as always!


Three New Ladies from Scott Radke

New from Scott Radke is an ensemble of three hauntingly beautiful ladies who are now available for purchase. Looking pretty in pink, each whimsical sprite is crafted from burlap, clay and twigs and stands about 26″ high. For pricing and availability, contact Scott at



A Sneak Peek at Amanda Spayd’s ‘Forgotten Finery’

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Amanda Louise Spayd’s solo exhibition, Forgotten Finery, opens tomorrow at Rivet Gallery in Columbus, Ohio! In anticipation of the event, Mandi has been dropping teasers of some of her new soft sculptures that will be up for grabs. Starting from the top: limited edition Belladonnas (each are an edition of 5 pcs) …

One-off bee sculpts Petite Abeille Rose and Petite Abeille Bleue.

Duchesse: one-off soft sculpt that stands 30 inches!

Little Lamb, Blue is looking rather confused. Love the ears; I wonder if he can take flight …

And last but not least: Allegro, a lovely buttercup ballerina.

Forgotten Finery will be on display at Rivet this Saturday through Mon., April 30th. Reception with the artist on Saturday from 7 to 10pm. Stop by and say hi!

Mandi had a Little Lamb …

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With Monsters & Misfits II packed up and shipped, Amanda Louise Spayd has the old Vesta working overtime as she queues up production for Forgotten Finery, her solo show at Rivet Gallery Saturday. A rather flocculent little lamb is the newest critter to be revealed and while my penchant for wittle toofs is no secret, the shadows around the eyes really do it for me with his piece. Not to mention the thrill (and hilarity) of seeing her monsters turn into animals; pastel-colored bees are also promised at the exhibit, along with the odd overly-ruffled ballerina. That oughta be good.

Forgotten Finery opens April 7th and is on display until the 30th. Amanda will be there so pop by and say hi if you find yourself in Columbus!