Chris Ryniak brings new Crumbeaters to SDCC

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sdcc-logo1The San Diego Comic Con is less than two months away, and it will be here faster than the Flash hyped up on 4 shots of espresso. The information will start pouring in fast and unexpected as we get closer to preview night, but we’ll keep you up to date on what some of our favorite artists will be up to at this grand ol’ convention.

Circus Posterus will be taking over the Cardboard Spaceship booth on Saturday, and you can bet your Superman tights they will have that booth filled with amazing goods! Up first, we know Chris Ryniak is hard at work in his lab creating perfect monsters, and so far we have seen a new herd of Crumbeaters being born. Still in the early stages, these Crumbeaters have a ways to go before they head out of Ohio to sunny California. We can tell you that each of these big eyed fellas will be different and there will be around 10 or so of them.

Hopefully you got tickets to the con! (If you did, see you there!)

CMRcrumbsSDCC happens in San Diego Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.



Sneak Peeks from KO & CMR for Spectrum 5.18

We have some fresh tasters from Kathie Olivas and Chris Ryniak for everyone heading out to Spectrum next weekend in Kansas City (damn, this came up fast!). First up is a Calliope Jackalope hand paint from Kathie: the first-ever to be revealed! This little lady is one of the resin prototypes (it will also be sofubi), which we’ll see more widely released later this year. I’ve always been a sucker for those floppy ears and big eyes … and now they’re throwing broken antlers into the mix … can’t. handle. iiiiiit. (Kind of curious about the painting in behind, as well; here’s hoping KO’s been slingin’ some fresh paint!)

And please accept our apologies in advance if you’re swarmed by fruit flies while visiting the booth; Ryniak is bringing along some Rotten Banana Mini Crumbeaters, whose siren song of sweet stink is sure to create a buzz.

Sounds like a blast, really. Spectrum Fantastic Art Live kicks of May 18-20 at the Kansas City Convention Centre in  lovely Kansas City, MO. Party’s in Bartle Hall; the CP booth is #919, right near the main stage. Brandt Peters, Archer Dougherty and Travis Louie will also be attending.