The Creepy and Odd Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

When I think of old Halloween costumes, what comes to mind are those of cartoons, film, and super heroes that came in a box. They were disgusting feeling plastic that you slipped over normal clothes, and they had a toxic aroma to them as you were sweating under that loose fitting mask. Yeah the storm trooper one I rocked when I was five years old was awesome! But it seems like our forefathers had a vastly different idea of Halloween costumes.

Halloween many decades back prompted some very inventive, creepy, odd, and ridiculous costumes. They typically didn’t have the resources to run up the street and buy something pre-made, but they went out of their way to build and create very interesting pieces to wear or scare around town. I seriously have no idea what is going on with people wearing a telephone on their head or face, but it works. If this was popular today there would be a “slutty telephone head” costume at every mall in the country. Regardless, of the oddness of some of these costumes, It is easy to appreciate how many of these people go all out just as many do today. So peak into this blog post of Halloween costumes from decades ago, and be inspired to make something similar.

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