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Keshi Monster Skelve exclusive for Conjuring Mischief

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10325672_754529501244208_5466461219431646696_nA Conjuring Mischief exclusive figure at Stranger Factory this Friday with a limited amount for the Skelve group exhibition opening (they will also be part of the online exhibition sale Monday May 5th!!!).  Behold the “Keshi Monster Skelve” Standing at 3.5″ tall… this horrific take on Circus Posterus’ classic mascot was designed and sculpted by the almighty Zectron with production by Trutek— more info coming soon!!! Contact the gallery for more details!

Conjuring Updates!

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We have been busy showing you work in progress images from Conjuring Mischief, but we thought we would give you a look at 4 finished pieces we have taunted you with.

Get ready to see Skelves that range from the classic style of Travis Lampe, to the beautifully painted Candice Tripp, the majestic Scribe sculpted Skelve, and the wool fabricated finesse of Lana Crooks.


Travis Lampe’s skelve shines with gold and exudes expression with a custom sculpted mask. Classic Lampe style!


Candice Tripp worked her elegant detailed painting skills with a beautifully painted skelve. Wait until you see the detail on the leaves up close.



Scribe put his sculpting skills to the test with a 4-legged Skelve that evokes a Chinese dragon parade.

lana crooks 1Lana Crooks also used a 4-legged skelve and let the skeletal system be the star with a fabric inspired structure. That tail!!!!

We have much more to show you, so keep your eyes locked on all our social media outlets.

“Conjuring Mischief” opens this Friday, May 2nd and runs through June 1st, with an opening reception on Friday, May 2nd from 6 – 9 PM.
Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Weekly Roundup April 21-25!

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Just in case you missed something we posted on our social media outlets, we have a weekly roundup of all the goods right here!

Wrapped up in a nice bundle, we have numerous looks at finished and work in progress skelves for Conjuring Mischief.

Lana Crooks WIP

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Lana Crooks WIP

Monster Skelve

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10246382_752162394814252_445213902012192362_nBrandt posted this amazing sketch last night as part of his “Creatures of the Night” series, but it got even more interesting with what he wrote after.
Guess what? Mini Keshi “Monster Skelve” toy exclusive will drop @strangerfactory May 2nd for the CONJURING MISCHIEF group Skelve exhibition.This design based after the extremely talented designer/sculptor @thelastzectron ‘s concept for the event. Along with the quite outstanding keshi toy producing studio @trutek (Disarticulators). So excited for this drop!!! #skelve #disarticulators #zectron

So it looks like Zectron and Trutek will have an edition “Monster Skelve” at Conjuring Mischief, and we know it will make almost the entire Skelve loving population go “squeeee” because it is very bat-like!

Since it is Friday, and we want everyone to have a good weekend, here is a little teaser.
abatt2-2Only one week to go until Conjuring Mischief!


Red Death Pull Cart Wandering Misfit releases at Conjuring Mischief

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Red DeathJust in case you thought Conjuring Mischief couldn’t get more amazing, we will see the release of another exclusive Wandering Misfit to coincide with the show!

This time around, the Wandering Misfits mini series by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters from Cardboard Spaceship welcome the Red Death Pull Cart Skelve to the fold! This little trouble maker rolls into Albuquerque for the Conjuring Mischief opening on May 2, but have no fear, Misfit lovers, because we’ll have you covered too. The Red Death will be available on our online store on Monday, May 5 at a random time for those who can’t make it to Stranger Factory. We also sent a small handful over to our friends in Singapore at Adventures in Kitsch / Ozzo Collection to spread the Misfit love around the world.


Limited to only 100 at $15. One per household.

For any Singaporean collectors –
Adventures in Kitsch / Ozzo Collection
18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #02-22, Singapore 048423


Conjuring Mischief artist Candice Tripp

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CandiTime to shine the spotlight on another Conjuring Mischief artist, Candice Tripp.

Based out of the United Kingdom, Newcastle upon Tyne to be exact, Candice has aggressively and passionately climbed the ladder of the art scene. Known for her macabre and dark sense of humor, that is fully displayed in her work, Candice’s paintings exude beautiful dark imagination in the foreground and magnificent, rich narrative beyond. Using negative space with a white background, along with animals, masked children, and forests, Candice’s oil work is astounding and magical which is a perfect theme for our mischievous little Skelve. If that wasn’t enough, Candice has recently started work in 3D, most notably with her Sally dolls which perfectly embody the horror and dark levity we have grown to love in her work.


To see the amazing art of Candice Tripp and a little peek into the Skelve she is working on, click through for more.
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Weekly Roundup!

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conjuringmischeif square

Think you might have missed something out there on social media stratosphere this week? Have no fear, we have a roundup for you!

We are still jumping off of the walls with the announcement of Conjuring Mischief coming to Stranger Factory this May. This custom Skelve show has top notch talent doing their masterful work on our iconic mascot!

This week we got to see what Carson Catlin, Cassia Harries, and Carisa Swenson have in store for our beloved Skelve, and we learned a little bit about newcomer Cassia.

1970979_10151992841641516_2092123900858622304_nCassia Harries developing her skelve.


Before the cuts, Carson figures out a pattern.

CSEarly concept drawing from Carisa. I bet she has a few of these too!

More soon, but keep an eye on all our social media for the latest updates. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news!


Conjuring Mischief artist Cassia Harries

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Time to spotlight one of the amazing artists gracing the Conjuring Mischief custom Skelve show at Stranger Factory this May, Cassia Harries.

Cassia is the owner and creator behind Monster Mind Sculpts and no stranger to the design world. Inspired by all the great sci-fi and pop culture films and artists that have become canon for most of our creativity, Cassia interprets this into her own creations. Earlier this year, she has had an incredible success with her Little Monsters Baby Cthulhu kickstarter that generated 6x the needed funding for the project! More recently, her sculpts have generated wide praise in numerous gallery shows, and now we get to see what she has in store for Conjuring Mischief.

Click more for Cassia’s work and a little teaser into her Skelve for Conjuring Mischief!

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