Colin Christian

Colin Christian’s Modtopus

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We have been tormented for weeks seeing the development of Colin Christian’s sculpts for his show opening this Friday at Stranger Factory. We’ve been particularly fond of this sci-fi vixen with tentacle hair, and now we finally get to see her in all her finished glory.

Named Modtopus, she’s actually more sultry and stunning than we could have imagined! Adorned with darkened black eyes, full lips, shining tentacles, and a gaze that screams “Barbarella flashback!”, this 15″ wall mount is simply gorgeous.

Modtopus, along with more amazing pieces from Colin, will be at his exhibit. The show runs July 5th – July 28th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory.

More progress shots from Colin Christian

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Oh hey, we have more progress images from Colin Christian! He’s been busy preparing for the opening at Stranger Factory next week, and some of these new sculpts above are brand spanking new to us. If you haven’t noticed, Colin has an affinity for sci-fi and hyper sexualized beautiful vixens, and these ladies are classic Colin Christian.

The size of the face on the right has us very intrigued….are we talking womp rat or Serenity sized here?

CC1Last week, we had a post on a tentacle creation from Colin, and this week, she might have a partner in intergalactic exploits. This yellow version has almost the same structure but maintains slight differences in paint and helmet style. It looks like more tentacles will be added shortly, and we still haven’t seen the beauty under the mask yet. We cannot wait to see the rest of Colin’s show, and we’ll be keeping you updated!

Colin’s exhibit along with Phil Noto and Glenn Barr runs July 5th – July 28th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory.


Colin Christian brings on the tentacles

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CC3With the July opening right around the corner, progress images are pouring in from Colin Christian, Phil Noto, and Glenn Barr for their shows at Stranger Factory!

With the above work in progress picture, I would say Colin Christian is channeling the original Battlestar Galactica, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, and Cthulhu all at the same time because this piece is stellar! The Sci-Fi feel of this sculpt is going to appeal to many of us, from the classic space travel styled helmet to the tentacles flowing below the chin like locks of medusa hair. We can also surmise that under that tissue paper, is a majestic and beautiful female face, as per Colin’s tradition. Once this piece is done, we’ll be trying to show off the finished version because this is looking fantastic even in the early stage!

Colin’s exhibit along with Phil Noto and Glenn Barr runs July 5th – July 28th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory.

Colin Christian Shares a Work in Progress for July

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Coming July 5th to Stranger Factory,  is a trio of terrific titillation with new works by Colin Christian, Glenn Barr, and Phil Noto. Before the exhibition opens though, we have to show you what the artists are working on.

Colin has been giving us updates from his power tool adorned studio with some of the sculpts he is  creating and as always, they are thriving with sexuality and pop culture flare. Still in early stages, this lovely lady is already taking shape with perfect lips and eyelashes that could cut a man in two. We can’t wait to see her gorgeous face evolve.

Colin’s exhibit along with Phil Noto and Glenn Barr runs July 5th – July 28th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM at Stranger Factory.

Phil Noto, Colin Christian and Glenn Barr at Stranger Factory in July!

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July 2013 brings three new exhibits to the Stranger Factory gallery by artists Colin Christian, Glenn Barr, and Phil Noto. Press images and additional artist information are available upon request from our Press Manager, Steve Brown.

Legendary pop surrealism artist Glenn Barr is excited to present a new body of work at Stranger Factory. His paintings channel the bizarre landscapes of a retro future, populated by strong, bold women inspired by 60’s soul singers, comic book heroines, and pinup girls. With his bold strokes and deft use of a minimalistic color palette, Barr’s work is singular amongst his peers.

Comic artist and painter Phil Noto creates some of the most elegant portraits of remarkable women. With a keen eye for the female form and an uncanny ability to paint the most arresting eyes, Noto’s work is captivating. His comic book covers are among the best in the industry, and his gallery work is quickly becoming a favorite among both casual and serious collectors.

Colin Christian is world-renowned for his super-realistic and oversized sculptures. His remarkable masks have been exhibited all over the world, and his enormous full-body sculptures have stolen the show at fairs such as Art Basel Miami. A hyper-sexualized realization of futuristic longing and anime form, Christian’s work is flawless and impossible to look away from.

We hope to see you at Stranger Factory in July!

All three exhibits run July 5th – August 4th, with an opening reception on Friday, July 5th from 6 – 9 PM.

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Colin Christian’s “Pussy Petite” Editioned Wall Sculpture

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Pussy Petite

Colin Christian has just released another delectable dame for us to sexify our walls with, and this one goes by the name of Pussy Petite. Hand-cast in resin and painted with holographic paint similar to Colin’s Cosmic Godhead, she measures 6 inches in length and comes ready to hang. This feisty minx is an edition of only 25 pieces and comes signed and numbered by Colin. Yours for only $85 (US ship incl!) via Sas and Colin’s new BigCartel store.

And if you’re digging this new wave of uberly affordable Christian art, be sure to mark next August on your calendars: Colin will be showing alongside Phil Noto and Glenn Barr at Stranger Factory. We’re going to have to wipe the steam off the windows with this one! More info on that as we inch closer to the date.

Colin Christian’s Mesmerizing ‘Glowing Pussy’ Sculpture

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Colin Christian seems to be on a bit of a tear: earlier this week we had a look at his incredible Cosmic Godhead Cthulhu sculpture, and hot off its tentacles is his Glowing Pussy, a wall-mount sculpture of a bodacious babe who changes colour with a click of a button. You can also have it stay on one particular colour, or change the pattern. This little minx is packing all sorts of tricks!

Similar to Cosmic Godhead, Glowing Pussy is an edition of 50 hand-cast heads at $200 per. Each comes signed by the artist. Contact Colin via email at, on Twitter or via Facebook to secure yours. I wouldn’t wait on this one; his Snack Cakes always sold out in a blink and these are ridiculously affordable with LED lighting to boot.

Check out the video below to be dazzled by all the radiant hues of Colin’s Glowing Pussy!

Colin Christian’s ‘Cosmic Godhead’ Cthulhu Sculpture

Lovecraft fans, do I have a treat for you: new from Colin Christian is Cosmic Godhead, a new edition of wall-mount sculptures of our favourite demon from the depths, Cthulhu. Cast in resin and measuring an impressive 17 inches, each of the 50 heads are hand embellished by Colin with holographic paint. And if the excitement of a new Christian series hasn’t made your tentacles curl, the price surely will: these beauties are only $200.

Take a peek at the video below to see the Godhead in all its glory. Contact Colin via email at, on Twitter or via Facebook if you’re interested in purchasing.