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P for Playge

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PforAnother Trigger II carrot dangling in front of our face, but this time from Ferg!

From his almighty instagram feed we get an image of a Squadt’s shirt. On the shirt is a family crest of sorts – with a P in the middle and rats surrounding it. P for Playge perhaps? Could this be a one off, or a small edition coming to Trigger II? Only three more weeks until the opening, and then we will know just what Ferg is up to!

Don’t forget that Ferg, along with Brandt Peters, will be holding a workshop that weekend as well!

Sunday, January 12th / 2 – 5 PM
To reserve your spot, please contact as soon as possible.

The Secret of the Ooze

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The secret of the oozeThanks to Ferg’s trusty Instagram feed, we get a new work in progress shot for Trigger II.

Looks like there will be more Ooze Terror boys for the show! The green paint application is looking brilliant here, and hopefully we get to see more of this piece develop soon.
Trigger II runs January 10th – February 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, January 10th from 6 – 9 PM. Both artists will be in attendance.


First look at Trigger II

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You have waited almost two years, and it is about to go down in a blaze of glory (not with Bon Jovi and Emilio Estevez). Guns up, full of trouble, and fueled by pure unhinged terror, it is time for our first look at Trigger II!

Guns upWe don’t know much from this preview image from Fergbut we can make out a few things like the chrome dome, all black attire, and tommy gun. We will have to wait a few weeks for detailed shots, but for now, this should get your blood spilling all over the place.

Keep your gas mask off for a bit because we will keep posting updates here on Trigger II as we get them. Remember, Brandt Peters x Ferg’s Trigger II runs January 10th – February 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, January 10th from 6 – 9 PM. Both artists will be in attendance.


Terror Boy “OOZE NO.00” by Brandt Peters x Ferg

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We have kept a tight lid on this for a while now, but we can finally bust out some news for the new TERROR BOYS line from Brandt Peters and FERG with the release of Terror Boy “OOZE NO.00“!

The Terror Boys are based on 70s/80s “Splatterhouse” horror movies, and are a gang of terror causing hoodlums! You might remember the first gang from Brandt and FERG was called “The Trouble Boys”  based on a gang theme around “Hitmen Through the Ages”. So, you can expect more blood soaked terror miscreants soon! The question is, what classic themed fiends of horror business might appear in the Terror Boys?

Now, do you want the scoop?


-The release is set for MONDAY, JUNE 3 – 12:00 Noon, Central Time right HERE

-Edition of 225

-Vinyl, ABS and Cloth

-Includes: 2 sets of arms (classic and 2.1), Machete, Double barrel sawed off shorty, and a removable hood and helmet.

-Price: $105 USD – this includes worldwide shipping and 1 per customer!