Circus Annual

Dril’s SD201 Red Star Drones for Circus Annual @ Stranger Factory, 12.7

After the amazing response for his custom Drones at DesignerCon earlier this month, DrilOne returns with the SD201 Red Star Drone, a 12-piece squadron of resin military bots who have their laser sights set on Stranger Factory! Ten of the hand-cast, hand-painted figures will be available for purchase next month as part of the gallery’s Circus Annual group show, so stay sharp!

Circus Annual and Derek Yaniger’s A One Way Ticket to Flipsville open Dec. 7th with a reception from 6pm to 9pm.

Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum: Derek Yaniger’s Aloha & Hukilau Hand Drums!

Grab your ukuleles and leis, Albuquerque, because Stranger Factory’s hosting a luau this December! For his upcoming sideshow exhibition, A One-Way Ticket to FlipsvilleDerek Yaniger has transformed two real-deal hand drums into gorgeous, retro-and-Tiki inspired paintings. The Aloha (above) and Hukilau hand drums are each painted with acrylics and measure 12″ x 12″ and 22″ x 22″, respectively. Now all we need are those fruity drinks with little umbrellas. Should beat the winter blahs, no?

A One Way Ticket to Flipsville and Circus Annual open Dec. 7th with an opening reception from 6 to 9pm.

Chris Ryniak’s Nuggleworts for Circus Annual @ Stranger Factory 12.7

Chris Ryniak is switching things up a bit this year for Circus Posterus’s annual winter group exhibition at Stranger Factory: instead of customizing pre-existing sculpts, he’s casting his very own critters! That’s right, Ryniak has become something of his own production house: the molds, the pouring, the pulling, the cleaning, the painting, all overseen entirely by the artist. So what’s first to come sneaking out from the monster dungeon? Why, Nuggleworts, dear boy! You may recall the brief teaser we posted a couple months back, or the small run he did for Septenary back in July. Well, these little dudes are BACK and a herd of six, 6-inch one-offs are making their way to the Factory next month for Circus Annual. The show kicks off Dec. 7th with a reception from 6-9pm; stick around for more sneak peeks of the exhibit as we draw closer to the date.


Stranger Factory Presents: Circus Annual & Derek Yaniger’s ‘One-Way Ticket to Flipsville’ 12.7

Circus Posterus and Stranger Factory are closing out the 2012 season with a bang with Circus Annual and A One-Way Ticket to Flipsville: two killer exhibitions from the CP gang along with Atlanta’s favorite scribbler, Derek Yaniger.

In keeping the tradition of last year’s Winter Salon, Circus Annual will showcase new works from CP artists and friends at affordable prices just in time for the holidays. This year’s exhibition will feature art from Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Valency Genis, RAGNAR, Phil Noto, Glenn Barr, DrilOne, Leecifer, Yohei Kaneko, and Shigeta Tanaka. Resin editions, custom toys, small originals, prints, apparel and the like will be available, so after all the art lovers are scratched from your list, you’ll still have enough for a little self indulgence. ;)

Joining in the Circus Annual soiree is A One-Way Ticket to Flipsville, a solo exhibit from Derek Yaniger in the gallery’s small projects space. Inspired by cocktail napkin art of the 50s, Yaniger’s retro illustrations are a lively collision of classic cars, cocktail parties and island oases. With more than a dozen new paintings and a bunch of full-colour sketchbook originals planned for the exhibit, Yaniger’s been busy with the paint slinging and we have much to look forward to! So grab your grass skirts and tiki torches, we’re headed to a land full of sun and sand this December!

Circus Annual and A One-Way Ticket to Flipsville open Dec. 7 with a reception from 6 to 9pm. Some of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

Important Dates to Remember!

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This fall has been one of the most jam packed and event filled seasons I have ever seen. To keep us all from doing our heads in, here is a quick rundown of the Circus Posterus related shenanigans.

Oct. 5-7: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters at Baby Tattooville in Riverside, California.

Oct 5: Doktor AFERGChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd and many more amazing artists at  Stranger Factory’s Bewitching II.

Oct. 11-14: Dok A and Chris Ryniak at New York Comic Con

Oct 12: Dok A solo show “A Postcards from New Yorkshire” at myplasticheart.

Oct. 20: Kathie Olivas solo show “Haunted”  at AFA Gallery.

Nov. 3: Kathie Olivas, Brandt PetersChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd, and more at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA.

Dec. 7: Circus Annual (Circus Posterus Group Exhibit) at Stranger Factory