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Destination Designer Con: Bugbites by Chris Ryniak

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Bug biteWe are starting to see a theme here! Blue!
Continuing in our Designer Con coverage, we now know one of the exclusives Chris Ryniak has been working on in his skeleton covered lab. Like Amanda, Chris has some minis we have been waiting on for quite a while now. Known as Bugbites, these small toothy little beasties will make their proper debut at the convention in  robin’s egg blue. These fellas are a D-con exclusive and limited to just 50 at $16 each. Have you got your ticket to the con yet? Hurry up!
baggedbiteYou can pick up your line number (random) when the doors open at 9:00am. No sales prior to 9:15am for anyone. Cash preferred.

Destination Designer Con: Fuzzlethump!

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Get ready to break out the “aww” and “ohh” sounds, because for Designer Con 2013 Chris Ryniak has a brand new monster in the works.
Meet the 3.5″  Fuzzlethump! He’s full of big eyes and is rubbing its hands together, like it has conceived a master plan to obtain all your Halloween candy while you sleep. He probably is in cahoots with Chris’ Bugbites for fiendish plans!
For the convention, Chris will have 10 of these little fella all cast and painted by him up for grabs. Seeing as the con is over two days, we will probably spread them out over both of those. Have you got your tickets yet?

Fuzzlethump 2 Fuzzlethump

Bewitching III gets a tad creepier!

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Three days until Bewitching III, so why not show you three spooky contributions to the show?

JoeOozing” by Joe Scarano is a nice evil and melty mix of floating Halloween goodness.

Halloween houseMike Egan has our lucky number attached to his “Halloween House”. There is still room for the last 2 skulls in the house, should we pull you up a chair?
Ryniak and his duderChris Ryniak’s little monster “Gourdwort” will light up the night since his ribs tend to glow.

Bewitching III opens this Friday, October 11 at Stranger Factory with more ghouls and ghosts than Scooby Doo could ever imagine!

Sofubi Glow in the Dark 4 Pack!

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4Pack1The snake is finally out of the bag, because we saw it at Monsters & Misfits III. Finally in glow in the dark form are Tomenosuke x Circus Posterus sofubi! This shining four pack consists of Brandt Peters’ Stingy Jack, Kathie Olivas’ Calliope Jackalope, Chris Ryniak’s Stinky Ginger, and the debut of the Heathen Snake Skelve! Limited to only 80 sets, 40 are assigned to MMIII got 40 and the other 40 will be coming state side. Fear not true believers, how and where these will be sold in North America will be divulged soon, so keep watching.

They turned out amazing, and that Heathen Snake Skelve is a splendid new addition to the sofubi line!



Bugbites and Pipsqueaks, landing in Japan!

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1236922_10153251190595515_1006939214_nMaking their debut at Monsters & Misfits III are Pipsqueaks and Bugbites by Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak, so you better hide all your cookies and snacks!

Fans have been asking for minis for a while, and once again, our favourite artists have delivered! Chris and Amanda have been hard at work casting these little varmints in numerous colors, and they’ll be carrying these tiny friends to Japan as gifts for their amazing hosts and friends.

They may be making their debut in Japan but have no fear, there will be herds of them being made when they get back. We may even see some at Designer Con!

Look out for more Bugbite and Pipsqueak adventures in Japan!


Chris Ryniak’s Monster Spirits

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Chris Ryniak’s brain is a limitless fountain of monster making ingenuity, and the recent appearance of a happy little lumpy idol on his Instagram feed made us all squeal in delight. These brightly coloured little doofuses are all set to wreak havoc and mischief, but we’re likely to forgive them because sitting at just 3.5″ high, they’re just so damn cute.


Despite being busy putting the finishing touches on some creatures for Monsters and Misfits III, and even busier hustling the others into shipping crates, Chris took the time to answer a few questions about these little Monster Spirits, and his upcoming trip to Japan!

Borbogule: Monster Spirit of Mischief

Borbogule: Monster Spirit of Mischief

CP: What’s your point of inspiration for these little monster spirits? 
CMR: My creatures are inherently invisible to humans, so it only makes sense that something exists that is invisible to them.

The Nuggleworts carry effigies of them on their heads to celebrate mischief and fun in the night parade.

CP: Besides Mischief, what other spirits do you have lined up?  
CMR: I hadn’t thought that far ahead, you may have just given me an idea!


What are you looking forward to the most on your return trip to Japan? 
CMR: Besides the food? The time worn architecture and strong sense of culture. Oh, and MANNERS, everyone is so polite!

What was your favourite experience the first time?
CMR: There were so many amazing experiences the first time, some of which took me by surprise.

We followed the Spring festival parade at night down a quiet street, when all of the Yatai floats stopped moving and everyone, including the crowd, started singing in unison.  It was haunting and beautiful, like something from another world.

Your larger sculptures are jawdropping. Will we be seeing more of those in the future; are you finding yourself drawn to larger formats?
CMR: THANKS! I have always wanted to work big…like BIG big, like 20-feet-tall big!  Working large has some real challenges and limitations, but it’s something I plan on doing periodically in the future.

Until someone offers a room with 20-foot ceilings and a cargo truck, I may have to keep the pieces between 3 and 4 feet high.


Chris Ryniak’s giant monsters!

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Chris Ryniak’s monsters have been growing up, and despite the image below, we’re definitely talking about the resin kind, not the human sort. If you follow Chris’ Instagram feed, you would have seen him wrestling with large foam armatures, and it’s been so exciting to see them finally come to life!

As Chris says – “Two monsters that I made.” although presumably, one is a collaboration. Chris is a man of many talents, but we are pretty sure those talents stop short of parthenogenesis.

Chris’ critters have gotten more and more expressive in the past couple years, bordering on the uncannily lifelike(if your life is kinda weird). This delightful green lump is clearly happy to be spending some time out in the garden, before he is unceremoniously packed up in a cargo crate to Japan.

Many of Chris’ fan favourite figures, such as the Crumbeater, Nugglewort and Bubblegut will return for Monsters and Misfits III, although it looks like they may take on some surprising and unanticipated forms. And – new to the Ryniak pack is a squinty, toothy, grinning lump, representing in the second row, and perched on top of a couple of Nuggleworts. We will bring you more details on that little dude shortly!


Back from SDCC

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sdcc18It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times… it was SDCC. Actually, it was just crazy, packed, exhausting times! All the Circus Posterus artists and staff at the convention had an amazing time. Thank you to Cardboard Spaceship for having us all out because it was a blast!!

On that not, we bring you just a few pictures from the San Diego Comic con because we were really busy.

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