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Won’t You Take Me To Monster Town

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The self taught Ryan Heshka has put down a life of interior design to make fabulous works of art and illustration. His work has appeared in more magazines than I have ever owned and numerous galleries, but now he has a children’s book out in time for Halloween called “Welcome To Monster Town“. This heavily image driven book showcases the daily life of many of our favorite monsters including a brunch serving giant squid. Looks like a great coffee table book and it looks even better for youngsters for Halloween. As listed on his site:

“As soon as the sun sets on Monstertown, creatures of all kinds go to work. So hop on the Ghoul Bus and see for yourself who inhabits this ghoulish town. Dr. Cyclops, Postmaster Skeleton, Frank N. Stein, Dr. Mummy, Captain Witch, and many other monster friends – including a junior monster-in-training – will welcome you with open arms!”

You can find more about it here.