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Carisa Swenson for Monsters and Misfits III

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dfe2ab8ef45711e2a52322000a9e02f9_7One of the newest members of the Circus Posterus band of misfits, Carisa Swenson aka Goblinfruit Studio is well on her way to global recognition with her appearance in Monsters and Misfits III in Takeyama, Japan.

Continuing with her strategically designed curious creatures and aberrant animal creations, she has sculpted, stitched, and painted the 15.5 inch tall,  conjoined, sideshow-destined Barnabus and Baxter. One body, two heads and all amazement!

While you see Baxter screaming at the distant sea with a sort of blissful melancholy before he reaches Japan, you may wonder what magnificent manner of creature Barnabus and Baxter are exactly. They might resemble a rat, a mole, but they are in fact – a Bilby. Not known to many of us on this side of the pond, Bilbies are desert-dwelling marsupial omnivores that inhabit Australia, but soon they will travel great lengths and will be gleefully parading with the rest of the Circus Posterus anomalies, as Monsters and Misfits III is only six weeks away.



Monsters & Misfits III

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You have waited over a year, now get ready, because Monsters & Misfits III is coming back this September to Takayama, Japan!

We’ll have more news coming soon, but we have a few new artists joining in the fun, and we can’t wait to show you what our artists have been cooking up for you!

Welcome the Newest Members of Circus Posterus

We can’t hold it in any longer or we may burst! We are happy to present the extremely good looking and classy new Circus Posterus artists: Valency Genis, Shing Khor, Stan Manoukian, Carisa Swenson, and Scott Wetterschneider!

We are proud to have them as part of the Circus Posterus family! In the coming weeks, we will focus more on these fine creators, but for now, please look at their sites and bios right here

Now, please give them a round of applause and make them feel welcome!

Valency Genis

Shing Yin Khor

Stan Manoukian

Carisa Swenson

Scott Wetterschneider

Recap: SUBTERRANE @ Stranger Factory, 11.9

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Hot on the heels of the DesignerCon hustle, the CP crew packed up and hightailed it back to Albuquerque to prepare for SUBTERRANE at Stranger Factory — a group sculpture show featuring new works from emerging 3D artists Carisa Swenson, Yosiell Lorenzo, Shing Yin Khor, Valency Genis, Shea Brittain and Melita Curphy … the majority of whom also attended DCon! With almost all of the artists in attendance (we missed you, Melita!), the reception was a riot and a sugar-laden one at that, thanks to our friends at Rebel Donut.

SUBTERRANE is on display through Dec. 3rd and works can be viewed here. A full gallery of the evening’s tomfoolery awaits you after the break.

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Another Peek into Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit

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This time we bring you a peek into a piece by lovely Carisa Swenson (Goblinfruit Studios) for the  “Subteranne” group sculpture exhibit at Stranger Factory! We get a glimpse at her captivating doll known as “Lilah“. This dark Lagomorpha has her veil ready for the opening next week,and we can’t wait.

Subterrane opens Nov. 9th with an opening reception from 6-9pm. A number of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

Take a Look into Carisa Swenson’s Goblinfruit Studio

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Goblinfruit Studio is a place where curious creatures and aberrant animals are born, but it is also the home of Carisa Swenson. It is a pleasure to do a post on Carisa. In the many months she and I have been corresponding on social media outlets, she has been abundantly sweet and completely effervescent on doll making.

Carisa is based out of New York city, but you may have seen her in several shows around the country, numerous publications, at the recent Spectrum Fantastic Art live, or even displayed in the Kidrobot NY store. If it isn’t obvious, Carisa is well schooled in doll making having studied under the tutelage of renowned doll maker Wendy Froud. Her creations tend to weave a wonderful back story that are only seen when gazed upon closely. Look into the despondent eyes of “Marcel” as he holds an image of a past love, or the determination in the facial features of the fox in “Kitsune Magic” The character in these creations are a sight to be seen, and the primed execution Carisa outs forth is exceptional.

For more on Carisa and Goblinfruit, visit the site here, and we are proud to have her in Stranger Factory’s “Subterrane” group sculpture exhibit coming Nov. 9.

To see many more pieces by Goblinfruit Studio, click more!

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Stranger Factory Presents: “Subterrane” Group Sculpture Exhibit, 11.9

Opening next month at Stranger Factory is Subterrane, a group sculpture exhibit showcasing the talents of six of the industry’s most promising emerging sculptors. Follow Shing Yin Khor (Sawdust Bear), Carisa Swenson (Goblinfruit Studios), Melita Curphy (MISSMONSTER), Valency Genis, Yosiell Lorenzo and Shea Brittain (FrankenFactory) as they take us for a trip down the rabbit hole to experience a world inhabited by creatures that lurk in caves and crevices which fall just beyond the sun’s reach.

The exhibit also presents an interesting dynamic in that we have the opportunity to learn a whole lot more about ourselves from these creatures. Through sculpture, the artists are able to express complex emotion without the distraction of the familiar human face. Denied the comfort of what we’ve always known, we’re stripped of our preconceived notions and offered the chance to confront the artists’ intent without influence. We’re then able to see more clearly how love, anger, joy, sadness and loss shape and define our own inner creatures.

Subterrane opens Nov. 9th with an opening reception from 6-9pm. A number of the exhibiting artists will be in attendance!

Hit the jump for more sneak peeks from the exhibit!

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