(Sickeningly) Cute Charms and Pendants from Amanda Louise Spayd + A Secret Project …

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Is this not the sweetest thing on the planet?! We’re talkin’ instant toothache as soon as you set eyes on it. Brand new from Ms. Amanda Louise Spayd is a series of acrylic critter charms and pendants that will be available via her webstore very soon. For all you ABQ locals, you can also grab them at Stranger Factory.

The pendants are yet to be revealed, but the Bee charms (above) are double-sided and have a 1-inch wingspan. They’re a run of 100, price to be announced!

And who’s this little lady? Mandi tweeted her yesterday, with a promise of ‘more info soon.’ I have no idea what she’s for, but stylistically she’s right in line with the charms and Mandi’s recent antique pendants (which sold out in like 5 minutes).

Then there’s this little blue beaut, who’s destined to be a collaboration with A Little Stranger for a certain special something. ALS x ALS? Don’t mind if I do!

And special something? Why, that sounds vaguely familiar … hmm ;)

Updates to come, as always!


A Whole Whack of Stuff from Amanda Louise Spayd

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Whoa. Amanda Louise Spayd is in full production mode over there in Ohio with all sorts of goodies in the works. First: those pendants we were talking about two weeks ago. Mandi has decided to go full steam ahead with the project (yay!) and they will be released soon — likely through her shop. We’ll release details on this as soon as they’re revealed. Exciting? Exciting!

Next up are new critters! No word on when or where these will be released, but maybe we have another online release in our midst? Loving the forehead embellishments on these — you can see the previously-announced Bee critter on the far left and also below:

Bzz bzzt!

Now this is curious … a small Col-Erase critter for a top secret project that she can’t yet divulge. The aquamarine eyes are killing me, so beautiful. Very excited to see where this leads; Amanda’s 2D work is like dessert to me.

And just in case that wasn’t enough newsplosion for one evening … a local PBS affiliate paid a visit to Studio Spayd a couple days ago to do a quick TV segment about her work. For serious! We’ll be sure to post it up here as soon as it hits the air.

More on ALL of this very soon! Damn, girl — you’re quick with this world domination stuff!!

Chris Ryniak’s Bug-Eyed Bee Commission

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Your daily dose of cute on this fine Tuesday comes compliments of Chris Ryniak, whose latest Bee commission is about as adorable as it is severely confused. There’s some serious wandering eye syndrome going on, here or he’s dizzy from flying in circles).

Fashioned from a Skelve body and KO bird head, this little bee is on its way to a collector with a refined taste for buzzers. ;)


Bzzz bzzz bzzz …

What happens when you can’t find striped felt? Paint the stripes on yourself! Seriously, between the faces and the bodies, Amanda Spayd’s forthcoming bee critters are going to be almost entirely hand painted and will also smell of lavender fields and honey. Yum.

As of right now, Mandi anticipates the edition to be larger than Belladonna, which was 50 pieces. Something tells me she’s going to need something a bit stronger than wheat beer by the end of all this ;)

Very excited to see how these turn out; updates to come!

The Swarm is Coming! A Wee Bee Tease from Amanda Louise Spayd

Well, well, well, what have we here? Amanda Louise Spayd recently posted this on her Twitter, along with a very cryptic: “Doing final cleanup on the master for my next edition, before sending it off to be replicated!”


When?! Is it for an event?! How many?! How much?! What is eeeeeeet?! Well, fortunately we know the answer to that last one: shortly after Late Season, Mandi had expressed an interest in making her beloved Bee critter, Bumble, into an edition. Looks like our wishes are about to be granted, folks. Stay tuned for more peeks as the project develops! And here’s hoping Mandi makes use of some of those jars of honey she was collecting …