Alex Dril

DrilOne x Kathie Olivas MBG-1812 Custom Bird Greeters

You’ve seen the wings of desire … now … behold the militant archangel they’re equipped to! Coming soon from DrilOne and Kathie Olivas is MBG-1812, a series of custom Bird Greeters and DrilOne’s first editioned Skelve since joining the artist collective late last year.Standing a menacing 10 3/4″ high, the MBG’s (Military Bird Greeters) feature a custom-cast chest plate and removable wings that are built upon Kathie’s iconic sculpt. Each of the 18 figures is hand painted by Dril and retails for $300.  One randomly selected order will also receive a custom Kathie Olivas bird companion!

The drop is just around the corner; man your battle stations and await the signal!

DrilOne’s ‘Wings of Desire’ WIP

Now these are some seriously slick lookin’ wings. DrilOne posted this WIP on his Twitter a few days ago of a secret release that he has forthcoming with Circus Posterus. Just what — or who — could these war-torn wings be for? One thing we know for sure: there will be an army of them.

Dril has engineered similar wings in the past for custom CP figures, including a Greeter Skelve for last year’s DesignerCon. Stay tuned to see what kind of artilleric angel he’s forging this time.

[Skelve photo by Jeremyriad]

Original Art Pins and Magnets from DrilOne

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Nothing excites me more than seeing a toy customizer introduce original characters and DrilOne has achieved just that with his seriously adorable and seriously affordable limited-edition art pins and magnets. The resin art pieces are sculpted, cast and painted by Dril and are available as singles or three-piece sets that range from $10 to $45 respectively.

But forget price: they’re worth the buy for the laugh, alone; how can anyone be grumpy with a googly-eyed monster staring back at them? And just look at that overbite! Do your friends and coworkers a favor and grab some happy here.