Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters to hold Master Classes at Château de Belcastel

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Master class

Time to plan our next vacation for this epic workshop coming in 2015!

An Extraordinary Invitation…

Master Classes
Kathie Olivas | Brandt Peters
Nika Dunne | Martin Meunier

Workshops in a medieval castle, Summer 2015
“An Animated World”
Week I: July 25th – August 1st or  Week II: August 1st – 8th
Brandt Peters | Kathie Olivas | Martin Meunier | Nika Dunne

Professional and amateur students alike will learn how to harness their imaginations through instruction and collaboration. Character design and story telling skills will be taught and used to create a stop-motion film. Finally, a seminar with a mentor who will guide students to acquire the savvy to successfully market and produce their own film project.

Students will follow a three-course curriculum over one week at Chateau Belcastel, located one hour south of Paris in one of Frances official “Most Beautiful Villages”

The Courses:

The Fine Art of Character Design, taught by Peters and Olivas

The Art of Stop Motion Animation, taught by Meunier

Producing Animation, taught by Dunne.

Peters and Olivas will train and navigate students through the visual story-telling world of idea and character generation. Students will design characters in both 2D and 3D. In their next class with Martin Meunier, they will breathe life into their ideas and forms through the practice of stop motion animation. In this hands on studio class, students will take their designs and make a final ready-to-shoot puppet.

In the final class of the day, Dunne will navigate students through the business side of animation and production. The class will be cumulative, and engage with material learned in the first two classes. Pitching, script structure, marketing, and setting and keeping budgets will be covered and will help set up film/animation projects for success.

Students will attend all three classes daily over the course of one week. This complete experience will give you the necessary foundation to begin the journey as film-makers focused in stop-motion animation.


WHEN: Session I: July 25th – August 1st | Session II: August 1st – August 8th

WHERE: Chateau Belcastel, a one hour flight south of Paris in France

WHAT: Master classes with four renowned artists to learn creative filmmaking and production skills in an historic monument coupled with a holiday in with a rich cultural and culinary experience. for professional and amateur students, and a holiday in a medieval castle which is both an historical landmark and a sprawling art gallery.

INCLUDED: One week of Master classes with accommodations in a semi-private fully furnished house to share in Belcastel, just below the castle where classes will be held. Transportation to and from the airport or train station in Rodez. (20 minutes away.)  A champagne reception with the artists, a private VIP tour of the castle, a fine brunch and dinner in the castle. Students will enjoy a visit to a neighboring village for trips to the market and have dinner at a local farm-to-table restaurant. Friday nights all are invited to attend a village feast by the river .

Students may prepare meals in their own kitchen or dine at the brasserie or Michelin starred restaurant in the village. Airfare and some meals and project materials are the only additional costs.

To see the complete itinerary and pricing, please visit the site here.

How is that for epic?


KO’s Phantom Lizzie & Calliope Jackalope Handpaint for AFA NYC 10.20

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At long last: the full reveal of the long-legged lady Kathie’s been tormenting us with for weeks. Meet Phantom Lizzie: hand painted cast resin with oodles of hand-sculpted elements and a hella sexy pair of silver bat ears. Standing just under two-and-a-half feet, this gal is all legs and frankly, I can’t say I’d want it any other way.

And sittin’ on the dock of the bay beside Lizzie is a Calliope Jackalope handpaint: one of only a handful of small sculptures that will be on exhibition at AFA. Buckle up, folks: KO’s going big this year!

Haunted opens Oct. 20th at AFA NYC with an opening reception from 7pm to 9pm. Kathie will be attendance!

New Teasers from KO for “Haunted” at AFA NYC 10.20

The in-progress goodness continues to trickle out from CP HQ as Kathie Olivas puts the finishing touches on her upcoming solo exhibition, Haunted, at AFA NYC next month. Loving all the hand sculpted elements of these pieces above … and if you think the Vishnu-esque arms of the one lady is impressive, wait till you see the gams that go with the gal on the left!

Haunted opens Oct. 20th at AFA in New York, NY. Reception with the artist will be held opening night from 7pm to 9pm.


Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters for ‘Awakened’ Charity Show @ AFA NYC, 9.20

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As part of Alix Sloan’s “Awakened” charity group exhibition opening Sept. 20 at AFA NYC, Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters are contributing “Beloved”, 20″x30″ oil on linen painting.

“Awakened” is a special, 10-day charity exhibition and fundraising event inspired by the companions in our lives. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to, an international initiative driven to finding homes for homeless pets. The exhibition also doubles as a celebration for the release of Sloan’s “Pet Sitter: A Jenna Stack Mystery,” a novel co-authored with writer Amy Eyrie.

Exhibiting artists include: Jessicka Addams, Jennybird Alcantara, Nicole Alvarez, Nana An, Jean-Pierre Arboleda, Carrie Anne Baade, Rebekah Bogard, Mia Brownell, Tim Burton, Bill Carman, Bryan Cunningham, Jason D’Aquino, Michelle Doll, Peter Drake, Nicole Etienne, Tom Everhart, Eric Finzi, Marc Finzi, Erik Foss, Camille Rose Garcia, Theodor Geisel, Kady Grant, Leontine Greenberg, Linda Griggs, Gris Grimly, Evan B. Harris, Jason Holley, Anthony Iacono, Kate Javens, Lisa Lebofsky, Travis Louie, Julia Marchand, Elizabeth McGrath, Daniel Merriam, Gabriela Mesa-Jonassen, Scott Musgrove, Joshua Petker, Ransom & Mitchell, Kirk Reinert, Martha Rich, Paul Richard, Ron Richter, Chris Roberts-Antieu, Jean-Pierre Roy, Jonny Ruzzo, Isabel Samaras, Charles M. Schulz, Ryan Scully, Maurice Sendak, Heather Sherman, Nathan Skiles, Sally Sloan, Aaron Smith, Owen Smith, Nathan Spoor, Jonathan Viner, Melanie Vote, Lindsey Way, Casey Weldon, Eric White and Brad Woodfin.

In addition to the original artwork submitted for the exhibition, rare prints from Nicoletta Ceccoli, Tom Everhart, Shepard Fairey, Marion Peck and others will be up for grabs in a live auction. The opening reception for “Awakened” is Sept. 22nd, 5pm to 8pm.