Smells like Chris Ryniak’s Cabbagewort

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Oh, could it be? Chris Ryniak has a new figure coming up!
b7e7270e780011e3934d1294553a9b9f_8Your tired eyes don’t deceive you, because Chris Ryniak is making a new figure, titled “Cabbagewort”,  for the Circus Posterus show at RotofugiThis one is homegrown in his own basement studio, which likely means that it’ll be a small edition showcase of his remarkable sculpting talent.

You might remember that Chris has made molds with small editions of great little creatures like Nuggleworts, Bugbites, and Fuzzlethumps. Since this is way early in the creation process, we will let this head grow a bit before we pick it, and let Chris do his gardening and such.

Below is a pile of cast Cabbagewort heads, hanging out with their Fuzzlethump and Crumbeater buddies – we can’t wait to see what Chris will be doing with them!



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