Pre Release Wandering Misfits cases are here!!!

WMexHuzzah!!! The Wandering Misfits mini series by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters from Cardboard Spaceship are getting closer and closer, but before the general release, we have a special offer coming your way!

This Wednesday, January 22 at Noon PST is your chance to get pre-release cases of Wandering Misfits with an exclusive bonus. Each case will contain 16 Misfits which yields a full set of all the sculpts + 5 additional misfits that may be a Colorway chase, but that isn’t all. With each case purchase from the Circus Posterus Store you will also get a signed exclusive Black Pull Cart Skelve, and if you order a case from Cardboard Spaceship you will get a signed exclusive Purple 4 Legged Masao. That is one huge gang of misfits waiting for you.

A full case will run for $192.

Cases will be in limited quantity, so get that clicking finger ready!

In summary –

  • Wednesday, Jan 22nd, Noon PST.
  • $192 for a full case.
  • Full Case of Wandering Misfits + signed black pull cart Skelve available at Circus Posterus Store
  • Full Case of Wandering Misfits + signed purple 4 legged Masao available at Cardboard Spaceship


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