Mikee’s Mail Day: The Grinder!

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Oh mail, I heart you so much! This package actually came right after I finished writing last week’s article, but it’s so much fun it deserved the spotlight.

Let me start by saying that I am picky when it comes to collecting resin. I love my resin pieces, but I tend to prefer vinyl as it is more of a toy and less of a statue. That said, this piece is one of those exceptions I was very glad to make. Created by Butch Adams, The Grinder is a pretty awesome piece of resin. Butch’s colorway choices and penchant for simple but intense reminds me of old gross-out toys I loved when I was little. Add to that the amazing sketch and super awesome “Kill All Humans” sticker, and I am sold. A great resin piece that promises I will be keeping an eye on Butcher Brand.

Until next time, live that 24/7 Toy Life!

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