Ernest Longfellow by Doktor A

Doktor A’s solo show “A Postcard from New Yorkshire” at My Plastic Heart will be here before we know it, and the Dok was gracious enough to show us one of only two custom toys in the show, Ernest Longfellow (Customized Badbot by Three A). 

Ernest desires precision in all things. He is always dressed immaculately in the finest tailored clothes.His knowledge is wide, his taste impeccable. His speech is precise and his timing punctual. All in all is he quite unbearable.

This without a doubt shows that Dok is exceeding his own work with every single piece he puts out.  Pretty soon he will have pure artificial intelligence in these robots. Oh and did I mention Mr. Longfellow here has a working miniature pocket watch?

The show opens on Friday, October 12 from 7 – 10pm.
210 Forsyth Street
New York NY 10002




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