Circus Posterus shirts in stock!

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While you’re updating your wardrobe with fancy new DrilOne shirts, we thought we’d remind you that we have some wonderful Circus Posterus shirts in stock in our store as well!


On the left, we have Travis Louie’s one eyed tiger emblazoned on a shirt – wear your love for Circus Posterus on your sleeve! Or chest, which is more visible anyway. On the right, is a shirt featuring our favourite Boo Skelve.


The shirt on the left features the Brandt Peters classic Lucky Skull. We can’t guarantee that wearing this shirt will make you luckier, but it will probably make you better looking. On the right, we have a Travis Lampe Smoggy design, which is certainly going to be very flattering.

1. Circus Posterus Shirt, designed by Travis Louie. $20
2. Boo T-Shirt, designed by Brandt Peters. $22
3. Lucky Skull Shirt, designed by Brandt Peters. $22
4. Smoggy T-Shirt, designed by Travis Lampe. $22


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