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Now those are some Monster Chops by Travis Louie

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Monster Chops 150

When one hears “Monster Chops”, I would hope an image like this one by Travis Louie pops into your head.

Once again, Travis brings us photo-like imagery from a Victorian era of creatures not of this world for his show “Tiny Theater of the Absurd” at Stranger Factory.. All dressed up in his formal wear, this gent most definitely has the mutton chops of infamy. He probably lives in a land called Williamsburg or Park Slope.

You can see these chops in all their glory along with many more pieces by Travis and Jean Labourdette – September 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 6 – 9 PM. Travis will be present!

Travis Louie / Turf One / Shing Yin Khor – September at Stranger Factory

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September 2013 brings two new exhibits to Stranger Factory; a dual exhibit by world renowned artists Travis Louie and Jean Labourdette a.k.a. Turf One, as well as a solo exhibit in the Project Room by Shing Yin Khor, a.k.a. Sawdust Bear.

Both exhibits run September 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, September 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

In the Main Gallery, we feature Travis Louie and Turf One‘s “Tiny Theater of the Absurd”, an exhibit of new work from these two artists showcasing their marvelous oddities; people and creatures that live in the grey area between dream and waking.

Turf One’s paintings are truly modern surrealism, and at times seem to be the fuzzy, morning-after recollections of fever dreams with their strange symbolism. Travis Louie’s remarkable “parlour portraits” of fantastic beasts and human oddities bring humor and humanity to the monsters that live on the fringes of our imagination. Together, these remarkable artists breathe new life into modern art with style and wit.

In the Project Room will be “A Nervous Harbour,” a new solo exhibit by Sawdust Bear.

This exhibit is a collection of handmade, barnacle-encrusted beasties seeking sanctuary from rough seas and aquatic predators. Each sculpture and painting brings to life another black-eyed and bewildered little nugget of improbable evolution, washed up on beaches and harbours, then stuffed, mounted and classified for your collecting pleasure. If cryptozoology had a marine biology exhibit, this would be it!

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

Kathie and Brandt got bit, and are now ZOMBIE

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ZombieThere is an ideal exhibition coming for those of the brain eating persuasion, and it is curated by the Circus’ own ethereally awesome Travis Louie! Opening at Last Rites Gallery on May 25th, Zombie stands to be a splendid group show that will will satisfy your living dead dreams or haunt them. Proving the awesomeness, our own Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters have a collaborative piece in the show that like the images below, will leave you wide-eyed and salivating. That poor Skelve doesn’t stand a chance it seems! What an awesome piece by the dynamic duo!



Travis Louie’s “Miss Trudie” and “Kruger” for Aqua Art Miami 12.6

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Miami Beach will be flooded with some of the art world’s best as Art Basel gears up for its 11th year in Florida. Our own Travis Louie will be exhibiting a small collection of new paintings as part of Aqua – a contemporary art fair focused on supporting young dealers and galleries with strong emerging and early-to-mid career artists. It’s unconfirmed whether Travis will be attending, but he will be represented by William Baczek Fine Arts. Look for their setup in the Aqua Hotel!

Aqua Art opens Dec. 6 and runs through Dec. 9. For more info on the event, hop over to the Art Basel and Aqua Art websites.

Important Dates to Remember!

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This fall has been one of the most jam packed and event filled seasons I have ever seen. To keep us all from doing our heads in, here is a quick rundown of the Circus Posterus related shenanigans.

Oct. 5-7: Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters at Baby Tattooville in Riverside, California.

Oct 5: Doktor AFERGChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd and many more amazing artists at  Stranger Factory’s Bewitching II.

Oct. 11-14: Dok A and Chris Ryniak at New York Comic Con

Oct 12: Dok A solo show “A Postcards from New Yorkshire” at myplasticheart.

Oct. 20: Kathie Olivas solo show “Haunted”  at AFA Gallery.

Nov. 3: Kathie Olivas, Brandt PetersChris Ryniak, DrilOne,  Amanda Louise Spayd, and more at Designer Con in Pasadena, CA.

Dec. 7: Circus Annual (Circus Posterus Group Exhibit) at Stranger Factory 

The Circus Prepares for Le Carnaval + Purchase Info!

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The Circus has landed in Paris and set up’s in full swing in preparation for the opening of Le Carnaval des Spectres this evening at Artoyz Shop + Galerie. My friends, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for!

Many of you are probably wondering how the preview will work and the short answer is “just like Monsters & Misfits”. Those who attend the opening will get first dibs and then all remaining pieces will be available for purchase online HERE around 10-11pm Paris time TONIGHT (4-5pm Eastern, 1-2pm Pacific, today) .

Some advice from Yann-Claude at Artoyz:

“Please note that all orders from non-EU countries won’t pay the French VAT (19,6%).
The final price will be adjusted (as well as the shipping costs) once you mentioned your Delivery Address during your order. That’s why we suggest to create an account and log-in before you shop.”

Good luck, gang!


Travis Louie’s Brady Bunch of Stan Customs for Le Carnaval, 9.13

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 A few days ago, Travis Louie gave us a taster of a couple Stan Skelves that he was working on for Le Carnaval des Spectres, opening next Thursday at Artoyz Paris. Well, damn, when Travis promises Stans, we get Stans: a whole Brady Bunch of ’em! Each of these dapper gents are one-of-a-kind and handpainted by Travis. They’ll retail for $950 each.

Funny: I wonder how many little slippers and moustaches Travis has littered about his studio; this batch is goin’ bare foot and that’s one freshly-shaved pickle if I ever saw one. (Travis refuses to eat pickles that have moustaches, by the way. But he’s perfectly OK with eyeballs.)

Le Carnaval des Spectres opens Sept. 13 through Oct. 20th at Artoyz Shop + Galerie in Paris, France. The exhibition marks CP’s first group exhibition on European soil and features a collection of new two- and three-dimensional works from Kathie OlivasBrandt PetersTravis LouieChris RyniakAmanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu.

Ecto-Stan Hits Production & A Peek @ the New Lampe Skelve!

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We saw quite a few editions release this month as part of Travis Louie’s stellar Spirits exhibition at Stranger Factory. Among them was the Ecto-Stan bust, which is now officially in production at CP HQ (i.e. Santa’s workshop). An exciting redesign of Travis’ Stan Skelve, Ecto-Stan is the first to utilize CP’s brand-new 7″ bust platform. The lovely handpaints are an edition of 20 at $250 a pop and are available now, should you fancy some old-fashioned Cyclops ‘stache. Send your inquiries to

We also have some more gorgeous resin Calliope action goin’ on from the lovely Ms. Kathie … there’s going to be a few of these, some headed to Paris, some to AFA. And hopefully more after that, because these are precious.

And is that a Travis Lampe Skelve?! You bet your buttocks it is. He’s been a long time coming and what a coincidence that he should make a cameo a week shy of the opening of The Pit Of Unease. Hmmm …