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With the release of a new batch of glittery CP x Tomenosuke sofubi ready to be released next week, we thought it would be a good time to show off an amazing sofubi (and more) collection. Leecifer, besides being a brilliant artist, also has an amazing collection – from classic vinyl and sofubi, to original art. He also has an unprecedented Stingy Jack collection and is seriously salivating waiting on the new red glitter Jack next week.

We were planning on asking Leecifer some questions about his collection, but he gave us an perfect account already!


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I guess the place to start is that the collection as it is displayed now is a fraction of what it was.

We went from 12 Detolfs, many shelves and the wall space of a 3,000+ sq ft home to a single 10′ x 16′ office. All the large art is in storage and we got rid of as much of the collection as possible. I must confess, it pains me not to have the entirety of the Strangeco collection out in one place. There were cases w/ all Super7, w/ all Circus Posterus and wonderful misc vinyl artists. Also, cases of my own work (show prep, commissions etc) piles of plush, and art for days.

The following varies every time I try to recall it, but this is the gist of the toy/art collection’s origin. With the exception of the multi-armed armed army men I horrified my family with by making as a little kid, some of the first pieces I customized were Bounty Hunter and expensive kaiju stuff gotten off e-bay. After visiting Kozik to drop off my “Panda Meat” submission (and drool at the MASSIVE collection of toys in his apartment), he mentioned this new place opening called Kid Robot (way cheaper fodder). I butchered 4-5 cases of series one Dunnys and we had 30-40 8″ Dunnys plus innumerable other pieces in the collection before I began working w/ the Super7 guys. Enter the Kaiju Detolfs. But to back up a bit – about the same time as we first went to Frank’s, we began scaling back our 2-D art purchases. I still had walls and walls of gig posters (my initial participatory passion) from our first house and we had become largely West Coast-centric in our art buying. We discovered StrangeCo before ever setting foot in KR and they remain today my favorite toy co. The artist roster made up for the crappy production value, (knowing even then, that the gold stuff would slowly melt into toxic shmegma) as it was all the artists we had been buying 2-D work from. The association w/ Super7 turned out to be great fun and I began to curate shows, work odd events/SDCC, paint house product, moderate the custom forum page, and produce vinyl toys (well, multiple color ways of ONE toy lol, the Honoo) and of course collect toys, toys, toys!!! 
Although I had heard of Kathie and Brandt, and was familiar w/ their work, it wasn’t until I was in a group show, at Wootini, w/ her that I was able to acquire one of Kathie’s paintings (the little Jackalope Misery Child on the teal background). In fact, the only other two pieces of art we currently have hanging in the house are Kathie’s “Resuscitate” and Brandt’s “Mummy Gator” in the bedroom we currently occupy. But, backing up again, when I finally got a good look at their figurative stuff, it became apparent to me, what Kathie and Brandt were producing was a truly nuanced, highly stylized, hybridization of art and 3-D figure (toy) along w/ their wonderful paintings. Beautiful pieces, strong on personal vision (lovely sense of ephemeral history), impeccable execution and just plain fun. Circus Posterus has their shit together and it’s a true honor and pleasure every time I get to participate in one of their projects or shows! 
Oh, and I’ve been saying this for years (despite the fact that I failed w/ several toy co’s to produce one) that pumpkin heads would one day be the new black! Eventually I’ll get off my ass and produce one of my own.
You can see more of my collection and my own stuff via
Instagram/Twitter: leecifer1

Trouble Boy gangIt’s a new year, and time for a new round of Circus Folk!

If you are new to our gaggle of misfits, Circus Folk is where we showcase the beautiful collections of our many collectors one at a time. We love our collectors and are constantly awed by their collections,

Our showcase this week is a passionate collector of Brandt and Ferg’s work – the brilliant collection of Austin Auch! You may know Austin from the Collect and Destroy forum and from the Circus Posterus forum, where he has taken on the awesome task of “365 Days of Trouble” – photographing a Trouble Boy all over the map!

Gazing at Austin’s collection, it is easy to see that he loves the world of Squadts and everything Ferg. The wide variety and number of pieces is astoundin and comprehensive, and it’s always a honour to get a peek into a labour of love like Austin’s. The love for Circus Posterus and many other works don’t go unnoticed either. We might be pretty biased, but we think that Austin has great taste!

Thank you, Austin!

Are you ready for TRIGGER II yet?

orange_sjcShe loves bees, loves Circus Posterus, has an affinity for finding rad things, and is a fellow scientist – Stacyjean is awesome! Featuring our long time collector, forum member and friend, we are proud to bring you this edition of Circus Folk. Seriously, Stacy’s decorating skills are pretty much unparalleled and the little worlds that she builds for her collection are simply amazing.

We must warn you, this edition of Circus Folk only scratches the surface of her collection, but it gives us all a good representation. Sit back, grab a drool cup, and look at Circus Folk: Stacyjean!
freyja shelf


Stacy’s famous bee collection.

carriage of bunnies

A creepy baby carriage is the perfect home for Amanda Spayd’s dust bunnies.

Want so see more? More pics after the jump.
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BM2For this round of Circus Folk, we take you to a Circus fan far far away, to the island of OZ aka Australia, with Brent Maloney.  We know that our loyal Circus Folk know no geographical boundary, and Brent is one of the many who reside almost a full day’s travel from our home base. This means that dealing with time zones and shipping can be troublesome, but from what we have seen, Brent hasn’t had too many issues!

Sit back and look at some of Brent’s collection, and take notice, because he is also a VERY avid record collector, especially of The Melvins.

Tons of records

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Charity Sparks Radke Cat

Scott Radke‘s “Interface”, opens at Stranger Factory in just two days, and the anticipation for the show is growing by leaps and bounds! To get us in the mood before the preview email arrives tomorrow, we are bringing you another edition of Circus Folk, with an emphasis on collectors with stunning Scott Radke pieces in their collection. This will hopefully hold us all over until we see his glorious sculptures for Interface!

Without further jibber jabber, here are some amazing Radke works from years past.

From Doktor A's Collection

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Scott Radke’s  “Interface” opens April 5th at Stranger Factory along with Kathie Olivas‘ “Scout” ”, and Stephan Webb’s “Evolutionary End Game”. An opening reception will be held on April 5th from 6-9pm.


Brent Maloney Kathie Olivas Sketch 1

The exhibit “Scout” by Kathie Olivas is only one week away at Stranger Factoryand we thought it would be nice to get everyone pumped by showing off some of the amazing sketches Kathie has done for fans over the years! Many of us carry our sketchbooks around in hope of catching our favorite artists with a couple moments to spare to do a quick doodle, and Kathie is more than gracious when she has time to accommodate all of us. Sit back and enjoy a few of Kathie’s delicate and expressive sketches!


It is so rewarding to see the palpable joy and sense of achievement from all the Chris Ryniak collectors out there! Chris has had many years of creating amazing monsters, and his devoted fans have resoundingly applauded his unique, expressive and detailed style.

Like we did for Amanda Louise Spayd, we would like to showcase the CMR collections of his many numerous devoted fans out there. We have cooked up a shimmery, wide eyed, melting pot of Ryniak collections to get you all excited for Migration next week, so clear off your desk, prop your feet up, and gaze at the wonderful world of Chris Ryniak.

(above, Wil Holder’s collection)


Will Holder has an extensive Muscamoot and Ryniak glow in the dark collection! We assume he’ll be adding some of Chris’ new glowy 8″ Dunnies to the collection soon!


Ethan Gould has recently added Chris’ ghosts from last year’s Les Carnaval Des Spectres to his collection! These original sculptures are absolutely beautiful.

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It goes without saying that the Circus Posterus collective have some of the most dedicated, die-hard, and enthusiastic fans and collectors out there, and from time to time, we like to showcase their hard work and loyalty. For Chris Ryniak and Amanda Louise Spayd’s exhibit Migration, we are going to do something a tad different.

For this installment, and to get us all even more amped up for the show next week, we will bring you numerous works by the beautiful and talented Amanda Louise Spayd. Sit back and take a gander at some of these cherished critter collections made by our beloved seamstress!

The image above from Eric Martin’s collection features Bailey(polka dotted beauty), spotty little Cocoa, and two editioned works – Little Medic and a Belladonna:Antoinette.

SaraHarvey1Sara Harvey

Rhiannon2Rhiannon probably has one of the most comprehensive ALS collections out there – our favourite is the gorgeous(and very tall) Duchess from Amanda’s show at Rivet Gallery last year. Rhiannon also has almost all of Mandi’s editioned works so far – in the lower left boxes we see Deadnettle, Foxglove, Little Medic, Belladonna:Antoinette and the classic Belladonna. And of course, the Black Rabbit (of Inlé) is one of Amanda’s most memorable large works, and it couldn’t have found a better home.

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Kathie Olivas

It goes without saying, that we all love our sketchbooks, but the collected sketches of Sarah Jo Marks are breathtaking. One early morning before Designer Con, I was getting a tour of DKE by Sarah Jo and haphazardly started telling her about some collection showcases we were doing here at CP, and this is when I learned of her extensive collection of bee sketches she has acquired ranging from Mark Ryden, Kathie Olivas and Ferg to Coarse Toys, Audrey Kawasaki, and Craola.

Sarah Jo, being the second half of DKE and a day one attendee of Baby Tattooville, gets ample exposure to great artists and with a simple nudging – glorious sketches! After a few months of compiling the index and working on her second volume. we finally get to see some of the honey she has been collecting for years. We also get to comb her brain with some thoughts on why she chose bees as a topic, so sit back and drool over this remarkable sketchbook and see what Sarah Jo loves about her bees.

Ron English

 Ron English

CP: I have to ask the most obvious question, why bees?

SJM: When I started collecting bee sketches in 2009, I had a lot of reasons. First off, I just love bees. They are magical. They pollinate plants to help grow our food! And let’s face it, bees have not been well. What if bees stopped doing their magical chores and humans had to pollinate things in labs to create food? Ew! So, I figured that bees just need our support. And sketches of bees (for the most part) look at them in a such a beautiful light. Sure, a bee could sting you….but…hopefully that won’t happen. Plus, my Dad was sick and he was a master gardener. And lastly, I was sort of hunting for an image to use for a bee tattoo. I’ve put off the tattoo for a while though. And I am just going to stick to sketches….for now.

Chris Ryniak

 Chris Ryniak

 CP: Will you continue on with bees into new volumes or have a new concept soon?

SJM: I plan to stick with the bees. I have one full book and am filling up a second one. I don’t get any other sketches. If you’ve already drawn a bee in my book I won’t bother you again.

Click MORE for more of the interview and many many more sketches from Sarah Jo Marks.

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