Stan Manoukian

Stranger Factory Gallery
Woodland Escapade – Stan Manoukian
The Succulent Gardener – Johnpaul Gutierrez
Somewhere in Dreamland – Fika Art
Creeptopia – Creeptoons
All 4 solo exhibitions run August 4th – 27th, 2017
Opening Reception: August 4th, 6-9 PM
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Woodland Escapade
Solo exhibition of new work by Stan Manoukian
August 4 – 27, 2017
Opening reception, August 4, 6-9 pm
STAN MANOUKIAN is a Paris-based artist whose work focuses on inhuman flora and fauna in both traditional 2d illustration and resin sculptures. His evolving creatures narrate complex and otherworldly legends of newly discovered species and categorizes each new beast with his own scientific observations.
Manoukian is an internationally recognized member of the Circus Posterus Collective, known for his comic illustration, film and commercial story development, toy design and monster creation.

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The Succulent Gardener
Solo exhibition of new work by Johnpaul Gutierrez
August 4 – 27, 2017
Opening reception, August 4, 6-9 pm
John Paul Guiterrez’s new solo exhibition, “The Succulent Gardener”, brings this local Albuquerque talent to Stranger Factory for second solo exhibition of new drawings and paintings. His work focuses on surreal worlds where flora and fauna are sometimes indistinguishable from one another; sometimes as one, co-existing as distortions in a phantom reality. Guiterrez transports you into his dream-like landscape that is familiar enough to draw you in but strange enough that you cannot look away until you’ve decoded every dense layer of symbolism and iconography. Best described as “naturalist meets surrealist”, Stranger Factory is excited to bring you new works from this incredible talent.

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Somewhere in Dreamland
Solo exhibition of new work by Fika Art
August 4 – 27, 2017
Opening reception, August 4, 6-9 pm
Fika Art is a the illustrated brand of emerging artist Stefani Rabideaux. Her colorful 2d works combines elements of darkness and isolation with vivid contrasting tones that are nostalgic of vintage illustration. Her delicate female characters evoke hope and optimism in dark times.

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Solo exhibition of new work by Creeptoons
July 7 – 30, 2017
Opening reception, July 7, 6-9 pm
Creeptoons is the emerging creature brand by Florida based artist Matt Duncan. His 2d illustrative works begin as automatic drawings which develop as big strokes of drippy landscape and ink blotches that transform into dark and mischievous characters hoping to add chaos and misfortune to his apocalyptic landscapes.

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Monsters & Misfits IV

A Circus Posterus Exhibition at Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo

Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus (T+CP) is delighted to announce Monsters & Misfits IV, an exhibit of new work presented in collaboration with Tomenosuke-Syoten. This is the first Monsters and Misfits in Tokyo (Japan) and will be on display at Shibuya Hikarie at Creative Space “8/” from April 1st – 7th.

Monsters and Misfits IV will feature returning artists Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Andrew Bell, Stan Manoukian, and Carisa Swenson. Shing Yin Khor, Leslie Levings, Lana Crooks, and Kevin Titzer join the returning exhibition as new additions to the roster.

This museum level exhibition will bring you through a parade of strange and fantastic creatures and characters from these top contemporary designers, toy makers, and fine artists. This year’s group of Circus Posterus’ artists and guests present a hand-made sideshow of beady eyed night critters, devils, reptilian oddities, mouse kings, kappa skulls, ghost children, and more that promise to leave you awash in starry-eyed wonder. The fourth installment of this show features primarily hand made toys and sculptures inspired by cryptozoology and an idealized, re-imagined  animal kindgdom. Andrew Bell, Stan Manoukian, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Amanda Louise Spayd, and Chris Ryniak will be attending the opening reception on April 1st.

To purchase original artwork and, or view the Monsters and Misfits IV exhibition online, please visit on April 2nd (11 AM local Tokyo time) when the web preview is launched. Please contact directly for any Monsters and Misfits IV purchase related questions.

Press images and additional promotional artist information are available upon request from our Press Manager.

The exhibit will run April 1st to 7th at Shibuya Hikarie in Tokyo, Japan, with an opening reception on April 1st.

Shibuya Hikarie (Creative Space “8/”)
2-21-1 Shibuya
Tokyo, Japan



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If you are thinking about attending the first ever Stranger Factory Portfolio Review during this year’s Designer Con, we got some handy guidelines for you to help you along.

·         Must be 21 yrs or older

·         Open to entry/mid level artists whose artwork retail cost falls between the $100-$5,000.00 range.


·         Open to US based artists and international artists (if visiting DCon).

·         Please try to not bring original artwork to the open submission. The only exception will be original artwork that is small or mid-size and contained in an actual portfolio case that you will take back with you. Small printed portfolios are preferred, and we will have a small tablet where we can look up your website if you would prefer to not bring any physical materials. Please do not bring your sketchbooks, but only artwork that represents what you would show in an actual gallery environment.

·         If you hold regular ongoing art sales or sell originals through your own online shop(Etsy, BigCartel, Shopify…etc) – please do not apply. Some situations can be discussed, but focus will be given to fine artists that do not compete with themselves.

·         If possible, please bring a printed resume or exhibition history – if not, be prepared to fill out a contact sheet for the gallery. If you have printed material or a small printed portfolio or art book, we would be glad to bring it back to the gallery for a more in depth review.

·         Artists must be familiar with the type and style of artwork we show at Stranger Factory and you work must connect or fall relatively well under Narrative/Character based art and/or ‘Pop Surrealism.”

·         You should be working with archival medias such as oils, acrylics, etc. If you are a traditional sculptor, toy fabricator, or work with resin based figures, please be aware that we require that you work with stable materials that are archival and can withstand shipping and are properly engineered.

·         For taxidermy based artists: Please do not submit if you work with actual skulls or skeletons. Reproductions are acceptable.


·         Be prepared to discuss your art pricing: Your specific formula for pricing as well as your pricing history.  This also means you understand the traditional 50%/50% commission we take. Stranger Factory is also renowned for having a sliding scale system (vs. other galleries) where the more you sell with us in a given year, the more commission you can make – all the way up to 30%/70% your favor



10430444_598379226951913_7003437191177870836_nIf you didn’t see our big Designer Con 2014 announcement, we dropped some major news on this year’s convention. We are beyond elated that Stan Manoukian is coming over from France to grace us all with his presence and skills at the Circus Posterus booth. We really just want to call him Stan the Man!

If you are not familiar with Stan, we are here to help!

Paris, France based Stan Manoukian is an internationally recognized artist/illustrator, seasoned comic book artist, development and story designer for film and commercials, toy designer, has been creating monsters and building fans for years in both Europe and the US.

Vintage Science Fiction, classic monsters and dark-romantic writers such as Lovecraft, Verne, Wells Edgar Allen Poe and Mary Shelley filled his childhood mind and influenced him from the very beginning. Stan spent every minute drawing and experimenting with contrasting themes: strange creatures, alien biology, and Cthulhu’s children.

Very early on, (in 2006) he started “A monster a day” drawing exercise to develop his own creature world and Universe, which has become monumental in scale and documentation. Impassioned by old books, dictionaries, old engraved plates and paintings (discovered through his father passion) Manoukian is inspired to present his creatures within the manners and styling of old encyclopedias – indexing, classifying and properly documenting them for future generations. Similar in nature to a crypto zoologist… Stan is discovering his new universe, carefully representing them in their natural environment, complete with habitat, co-existing species, predators and how they interact with one another.

For more on Stan, you can visit his site here, and see what we currently have available by him here.
Now, come to Designer Con to meet Stan this November.




Circus Posterus returns to Designer Con for the fourth year in a row, and this time, we are going bigger, better, and more epic than ever!

This year’s annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art takes place over two amazing days in Pasadena, CA. All the amazing fun goes down on November 8-9, at the Pasadena Convention Center.

In the upcoming weeks, we will bring you all kinds of information regarding what you can expect from the Circus Posterus team which includes partnerships with some of our favorite toy companies. While we are busy finalizing releases, exclusives, and signings, we can at least tell you the artists we have coming in for this historic event:

Brandt Peters

Kathie Olivas

Stan Manoukian (flying in all the way from France!)

Chris Ryniak

Amanda Louise Spayd

Shing Yin Khor

Valency Genis

Tim Lee


Brandan Styles 


Stephan Webb

We have a ton planned, so keep checking back for more info.

If you want to learn more on Designer Con, keep your eyes peeled here.

If you want to talk about Circus Posterus and DCON, join our forum here.
(trust us, it has advantages to be active)


traveling circusWell, all the artists are settled back at their homes, the fans in attendance are all still rejoicing, and we want all of you to share in the wonderment that was the Traveling Circus at Rotofugi.

Many braved the cold and cancelled flights to attend the show in Chicago, and we are truly grateful. If you couldn’t attend the show (like me) we have a deluge of images from the opening thanks to Jason Spanier. Now everyone can share in the festivities, and don’t forget that there is still plenty of amazing work still available right here on Rotofugi’s site.


Rotofugi Gallery in Chicago is hosting a special group exhibit featuring the Circus Posterus family of artists, opening February 15 and running through March 9th. Exhibiting artists include Stan Manoukian, Tim Lee, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Joe Scarano, Stephan Webb, Shing Khor, Katie Carillo, Jen Musatto, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Valency Genis, and Travis Louie.

For more images and information, please contact Rotofugi Gallery directly.

SnowMonstersWinter is coming.

Well, it actually is, and so are the monsters. Not the White Walkers…but more lovable and cute ones from the glorious mind of Stan Manoukian. Alright, this is more appropriate…Winter Salon is coming! With most of us getting hit hard with dropping temperatures and pesky flakes of crystalline water that falls from clouds, it is a good time to look at amazing art. It doesn’t look like they are all into hibernating for the winter but rather have started coming out to enjoy it!

Stan has spun the harshness of winter and themes of snow and fur into his magical illustrations of creatures. The first image we get to see for the exhibit incorporates both of those elements. A diverse group of creatures aren’t hibernating for the winter, but are coming out to welcome it. Some still brushing off the blanket of white on top of their heads while others have started their season change of fur coats. I don’t think they will be inside all winter hiding, but they will be up to no good playing in the frozen forest!

One image just won’t do for this. The level of detail Stan has poured into this one piece is extraordinary. Here are several close-ups of the Snow Monsters to show you just how skilled and incredible this is.
SnowMonsters01 SnowMonsters04SnowMonsters05For an even better look, come to The Winter Salon III running December 6th – 29th, with an opening reception on Friday, December 6th from 6 – 9 PM.

In the month of October, Stan Manoukian participated int he “Inktober” exercise, and produced one wonderful and fully inked illustration a day!

AND, he’ll be selling them all in his Etsy store on Thursday 7th of November at 10am PST(7pm in Paris). In addition, he’ll be designing actually a little book with all of them called “SPECIES”, with a planned December release date.

Check them out, and don’t forget to stop by Stan’s Etsy store tomorrow! We also still have several of Stan’s brilliant original pieces up in the Circus Posterus store.