Brandt Peters and Ferg have raised the bar again on Terror!
is Set for release into the wild on Monday, SEPT 22 – 12:00 noon central time over at
6″ vinyl, fur and ABS – Includes 2 sets of HT lenses,  2.1 and classic arms, claw hands,
jeweled sword-cane and a removable helmet.
with a low edition of only 225


The release is set for Monday, MARCH 31 and starts at 12:00 noon central time.
First off, some info about the sale;
This will be a 48/24 hour ‘open’ order on the squadt store like the previous NKD release, but with a couple of changes.
Here is how it is structured…
48 hour open order period for the TB S00? [NKD] GID 
$95 USD includes worldwide shipping
24 hour open order for the TB S00? [NKD] GID AND GID perp SET. 
$175 USD includes worldwide shipping

TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD]: 6″ GID vinyl – Includes 3 sets of eye lenses,  2.1 and classic arms, grey pajamas with not so

hidden clear katana, bowler hat (not shown) and a removable helmet.

TROUBLE BOYS S00? [NKD] perp: 6″ GID vinyl – Includes 3 set of eye lenses  2.1 and classic arms, blue pajamas with not so
hidden clear-grey sawed off shotty, sKangol hat (not shown) and a removable helmet.

please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping

s2 s3


At TRIGGER II tonight!!! Two exclusives will drop. Ferg’s PLAYGE DOCTOR SKELVE (White / edition 66) only available to reserve in person only. And Stranger Factory’s exclusive Brandt Peters’ colorway “PULL CART SKELVE” figure from the upcoming mini series from @cbspaceship WANDERING MISFITS (edition 100)!

See you tonight!

unnamedIn case you missed it, Trigger II previews were all over the internet this past weekend. Brandt and Ferg had an all out war with images of their work, and it was a sight to see everything pop up on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. So, if you weren’t near social media or were hibernating from the bitter cold out there, we have you covered.

Above is a bloody custom in progress from Brandt Peters titled “The Butcher”. Oh, that meat grinder accessory would make Sweeney Todd swoon with delight.

Below we have Ferg’s plague doctor custom. He knows what you did last summer and it involves meat hooks!
hooksI know we’ve been talking about how big Brandt is going with some of his new pieces, but I think it might be hard to understand exactly how big without some perspective. For reference, Brandt’s hands are not tiny.

BiggunsTrigger II runs January 10th – February 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, January 10th from 6 – 9 PM. Both artists will be in attendance.

Has it really been two years since the original Trigger broke the internet and doors down at Stranger Factory?

It seems like just yesterday, but regardless of what time it is, Trigger II opens in exactly one week!

While Brandt Peters and Ferg are busy putting the finishing touches on all their work, we thought it would be good to look back at the original Trigger show from January 2012. This will get us ready and give us an idea of what we can expect from week, but I am willing to bet that Trigger II will be even bigger.

So sit back and look back at the original show.

Trigger II runs January 10th – February 2nd, with an opening reception on Friday, January 10th from 6 – 9 PM. Both Brandt and Ferg will be in attendance.